Hi guys!

I just decided to bring you up to speed with our Q3 SP2 release. On top of the improvements we introduced with the new rendering engine in the Q3 version, we have prepared a few small surprises for the Q3 SP2 as well:

  • optimization of image/pdf/rtf rendering. As you know, Q3 2008 came with new paging logic that introduced a superior and more sophisticated algorithm for calculation and inspection of pages before they are rendered. Now we take a step further and make it possible to decrease the rendering time with almost 30% when PageCount is not required.
  • assembly scoped user functions - have you ever wanted to re-use your custom user functions that reside in the same assembly as the current report class? Well now you will have the chance to do so!
  • implemented KeepTogether for the textbox, subreport and panel report items

We have another surprise that we wanted to include in the SP2, but due to the overall delay, decided to postpone for SP3 or Q1 2009. For those of you curious what's next for Q1 - please check our updated Reporting RoadMap. As usual, we would love to hear your opinion, so do not hesitate to let us know of your thoughts.


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