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Since our first official release in July, we have received lots of feedback from customers about things we need to improve. And we listened! The new release adds several important features that make working with the control easier. Here is the list:

  • Improved selection handling. We now expose a SelectionChanged event and two convenience properties: SelectedItem and CurrentItem. The latter two are especially useful when working with the control entirely in XAML without any code-behind.
  • Cell focus. We have added support for identifying the current cell and to navigate across cells using the Tab/Shift+Tab keys.
  • Improved accessibility support through automation peers for RadGridView.

Accessibility has always been a big thing for us in the ASP.NET area, and we are committed to the same thing on other platforms. WPF is especially nice in that it allows you to use your accessibility API to automate your interaction with a given control. It was a good investment for us as we are now using those features to supercharge our functional tests suite. But I digress, more details in a future post.

Of course a service pack release has to fix some bugs. Here is the list:

  • sometimes reordering grid groups caused an exception;
  • grid filter values were being broken after column reorder;
  • editing a hierarchy master row sometimes causes an exception;
  • removing a record from a grid group did not work when filtering has been applied;
  • event setters in global GridViewRow styles caused an exception.

One more thing -- the new release contains updated versions of the controls that we shipped for Silverlight two weeks ago.

As usual, get the new distribution from your Client.NET account or play with the online examples here.


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