Four months of exciting hard work and finally the result is here - RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight are more ready than ever to rock your enterprise application development. Hearing your requests, we have expanded our XAML suites with four new controls.

You asked for a pivot grid and we delivered it. Then everybody asked for an OLAP support and I am glad to say that the official version of RadPivotGrid comes with Sorting, Report Filter and Total Formats support for OLAP. Other important additions are Data Annotations support, a full set of our beautiful themes and many other improvements. You can check everything in our demos (Silverlight and WPF), but here’s a picture worth a thousand words:

We also completed the CTP version of our Spreadsheet control. RadSpreadsheet brings you MS-Excel-like editing of tabular data utilizing a variety of cell formatting options, styles and themes. This new control is a fine-tuned blend of clean, elegant UI and exceptionally fast performance. Telerik spreadsheet component has a broad range of predefined formulas, which can be extended by creating and plugging in supplementary ones. What is more, using the control is made even easier with the exposed commands, which can be easily bound to; the full integration with RadRibbonView; and, the overwhelming dialogs that are included out-of-the-box. Please do check our examples (Silverlight and WPF) – I am sure you will share my excitement for this control!

Mobile, touch, MOBILE, TOUCH! We heard you many times. Let me share that we worked hard on improving our touch support across all of our XAML controls so you can now make your apps live on touch enabled devices. You can test all of that with the CTP version of yet another new addition – RadTileList. It is a control that displays tiles in a mosaic manner. Basically, this control allows you to represent a small amount of data in the form of tiles that the end-user is able to smoothly scroll left or right with a gesture, just like in Windows 8. The tiles can be reordered by drag and drop. RadTileList list is the right choice if you need Modern UI for your XAML applications similar to the Start Menu screen of Windows 8.

Finally, let me introduce our newest addition to the Barcode suite in Telerik XAML:  RadBarcode Reader. In its present, beta version, the control is capable of decoding most of the one-dimensional codes offered by Telerik – such as Code128, and code 11. In the next installment of the product, the BarcodeReader will be capable of decoding two-dimensional codes, such as PDF417 and QR.

As always, alongside the new controls we worked hard on many other enhancements and new features. We put a lot of effort in improving our Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes. Fonts and font sizes in them can now be changed globally, spreading the degree of accessibility in your applications by allowing low-vision clients to easily adjust the text size.

The list is long but here you will find the highlights:

  • ChartView
    • WriteableBitmap rendering for ScatterPoint series
    • Introducing chart Legend
    • All axes support inverse mode now
    • MVVM support for dynamic number of series
  • ComboBox
    • Added DropDownWidth property
  • Diagrams
    • Connections bridges
    • Text tool
    • Auto size up Containers
    • Table Shape
    • Extensibility points for the internal services infrastructure
    • Define a "drag restricted" area in RadDiagram
    • Pages preview on canvas
    • Drop into Container
    • Integrate Print Page Concept
    • Localization
    • Extensibility Points for Snapping Functionality
    • Full Connection editing
    • Semantic zoom
  • Docking
    • Allow AutoHideArea events customization through custom FlyoutBehavior
    • Disable expand of the RadPane on mouse hover
    • Dragging and dropping panes without floating
  • ExpressionEditor
    • Added support for ICustomTypeProvider objects for RadExpressionEditor
  • GanttView
    • Drag reorder of tasks
    • Create relations with mouse
    • Columns auto sizing by content's width
    • Columns resizing with drag and drop
    • Drag from external source
  • PDFViewer
    • Integrate Text Measurement subsystem
  • PropertyGrid
    • UI Virtualization
  • RibbonView
    • Make the height of the ribbon flexible
  • RichTextBox
    • Word-like UI for editing of conditional table styles
    • Undo/Redo Command grouping (assemble custom undo-redo actions)
    • Table Formatting Ribbon UI Contextual Tab
    • Headers/Footers Ribbon UI Contextual Tab
    • Html Export improvements – cleaner HTML output, more export settings
  • TimeBar
    • Customizable interval formatters
  • Timeline
    • Customizable interval formatters
    • Vertical Scrolling

You can download the new controls and everything else that comes in Q1 2013 from Your Account. Also, don’t forget to have a look at the detailed release notes of all improvements and enhancements for WPF and Silverlight.

About the Author

Hristo Maradjiev

Product Manager,
Telerik XAML Team

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