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The new version of RadControls for Windows 8 is now available for immediate download in your account if you are already our customer, or you can download a trial version of both the XAML and HTML library here.

This version brings advanced new features to our flagship Grid component, such as inline editing and filtering customizations. Users can now filter flights by their duration. With this release the filtering UI is available for the XAML library as well.

Q2 release also addresses developers’ pain points that stretch beyond UI. Offline data storage, which allows end users to interact with your app with or without internet connection is great to have but can be very tedious to implement. The new Telerik Data Storage (currently in CTP) simplifies this aspect of the mobile app development taking advantage of the SQLite database engine and providing developers with local relational database storage. Using the Telerik Data Storage for Windows 8 you can create data-driven applications with C#/XAML, JS/HTML or standard SQL Queries thanks to the logic we’ve built on top of SQLite. The Data Storage functionality allows your application to store data while offline, without your having to create your own storage engine and data serialization architecture.

The Data Storage’s API builds upon common standards such as LINQ and SQLite. In addition it provides familiar C# and JavaScript APIs to allow you communicate with your data no matter what your Windows 8 language of choice is. You can perform any basic CRUD operations - create or add new entries, read, retrieve, search or view existing entries, delete existing entries and so forth.

Other new controls that joined the suite with this release are:

Other cool new features include: Chart pan and zoom behavior for HTML and Sparklines for HTML with 6 chart types. Sparklines are lightweight data visualization components that are easy to integrate in other data bound control such as Grid. Using Sparklines and Grid together helps you show important trends and create meaningful views for complicated data.

RadControls for Windows 8 HTML now provide TypeScript definitions by supporting static typing and API IntelliSense for all RadControls and utility classes.

If you haven’t checked our sample demo apps lately make sure to do so as the UI and the overall experience have been significantly improved. The demo apps include examples of the most important capabilities of the suite, in the context of real case scenarios. They can be downloaded for free from the Window 8 Store.

Go to RadControls for Windows 8 XAML demo app
Go to RadControls for Windows 8 HTML demo app

Our Developer Evangelists will hold the usual what’s new webinars where they will dig into more details and will be showing some code, so make sure to register, seats are limited.

Check out all events from the what’s new in Q2 2013 series here

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