RadControls for Silverlight/WPF are here with 7 brand new major controls, tool for minifying the assemblies’ size and truly transparent theme for even easier styling of your applications. The suite now offers true MS Word-like content editing experience thanks to the new RichTextBox control. 

New Controls

The RichTextBox control is currently available only as part of our Silverlight offering. The control allows you to bring true MS Word-like content editing experience to your end-users. The new control offers rich text editing and formatting capabilities as well as out-of-browser support and printing, import and export of Html, Docx, and Xaml and many more. The newly introduced RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI is specifically designed to be used with the RichTextBox control, thus achieving a true MS Word editing experience. By dropping this control from the Visual Studio toolbox it will automatically work with all the RichTextBox commands. 

First introduced as a feature of RadGridView, the DataPager is now a standalone component, providing the user with a navigation interface to page through any collection of data. The control provides paged data source to any data-bound controls. Telerik DataPager is extremely helpful when working with large collection of data, providing Data Virtualization when working with the Telerik Silverlight Grid.

This control helps you easily build complex filter expressions. It allows specifying expressions based on the data and collection type of the source fields. The intuitive UI of the control is designed to facilitate the end-user while empowering the developer to create related expressions with a few clicks.  

This control is re-written from the ground up to combine the powerful data-driven features from the GridView with the capabilities of showing a hierarchical data in a TreeView manner. Native UI virtualization, LINQ-based data engine, smart filtering and built-in data validation are just a few of the advanced features the control provides. 

With the BusyIndicator control you can easily add a visual indication to your application while an activity is processed in the background. 

The control combines the features of Time and Date pickers into a single component. The advanced parser lets you define your own rules of converting the values into date and time.

An intuitive control that allows the end-users to rate your content. Let your visitors share their opinion on your posts by selecting the precise score with a single click in an intuitive way. Shape the control to your liking, add comments and average scoring with Telerik Rating control for maximum user interactivity.

Telerik Assembly Minifier 

This is a web-based tool that decreases the size of RadControls for Silverlight assemblies and consecutively the overall XAP file size. The end-users will immediately feel the difference too, as the loading time of your Silverlight application will be significantly decreased. The tool allows you to choose a list of controls to be used in your application, analyzes the dependencies between them and then produces a new set of optimized assemblies. The new assemblies will contain only the selected controls and the resources used by them. Using the Assembly Minifier you can keep the downloaded size of your application to the bare minimum. 

New Transparent Theme

The greatest benefit the new theme brings is that it allows you to easily fit RadControls for Silverlight or WPF into an existing application design. Furthermore you can change the application’s appearance only by changing the background, allowing you to use subtle colors, gradients, or even images behind our controls to allow for a vibrant RIA experience.

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