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RadChart and RadListView Optimizations in UI for UWP SP1_870x220

Our latest update upgrades the performance of our open-source UI for UWP controls, boosting Chart by 50% and ListView by 30%.

Speed is one of the targets that every developer strives for when building their application. Providing a fast-rendering and smooth-scrolling application will definitely win the heart of every user that decides to use your application. 

With the R2 2017 service pack update for Progress Telerik UI for UWP, we have focused on boosting the performance of two of our most used controls from the suite—the Chart and ListView

Let me provide you with some more information on how much faster RadChart and RadListView have become with our latest improvements.

RadChart ♥ Composition API

The Composition API provides a unified compositor and rendering engine for all UWP applications, and we have integrated it in some of the visual elements of our UWP Chart—for example the Axis, the BarSeries, the Financial indicators, etc. You can find a full list of all the visual elements that are rendered through the Composition API here.

The usage of the Composition API in our Chart lowers CPU usage by about 50% compared with the previous implementation.

Old Rendering Performance


New Rendering Perfromance


RadListView Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been introduced for the ListView control as well. The re-ordering of the items has been slightly optimized. Some of the visual elements of the RadListViewItem have been reduced. Finally, optimizations have been made for the swipe and drag handlers of the control—now they are loaded only on demand. As a result the performance of the ListView has improved up to 30% compared to the previous implementation.

Share Your Feedback

If you haven’t done it yet, check out the open source UI for UWP project where we invite you to share your feedback with us. Feel free to contribute as well—we highly appreciate any contribution that helps us improve the controls.

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Atanas Popatanasov
About the Author

Atanas Popatanasov

Atanas Popatanasov is a Software Developer working on the Progress Telerik Xamarin and UWP team. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Systems and Technologies. In his spare time, Atanas loves reading programming books, to hang out with friends and to watch his favorite football team.

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