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UWP Chart

  • Rich, Powerful Charts for building Universal Windows Apps

    RadChart control for Windows 10 apps features a rich set of chart series from Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Scatter and Polar charts to different financial series. The control is optimized for performance on any device and screen size running Windows 10. The rich public API allows customizing the Chart control to the smallest detail.
  • Financial Series and Indicators

    The Chart for building Universal Windows apps supports Candle and OHLC (Open High Low Close) series. These series operate with special data points, which hold information about each of the following parameters: open, high, low, close and are instrumental for financial app scenarios.
  • Visualize Multiple Data Series in a Single Chart

    Thanks to the Multi-Axis support you can display several data series based on multiple parameters in a single chart instead of displaying the data in three separate charts. For example, you can contrast a set of countries based on their population, size and per-capita income.

  • Chart Annotations

    Annotations allow making notes of trends or observations on your charts. Annotations are visual elements that you can attach to a specific data point, to the plot area, or define them in your custom way.

  • Chart Empty Values

    This feature allows displaying non-continuous data on the chart's plot area. Missing values will be represented as gaps.

  • Interactivity

    Telerik Chart for Universal Windows supports gestures like Pan (Scroll) and Zoom (Pinch). You can make your app more interactive by taking advantage of the built-in tooltip support to display additional information about the Chart’s data points.


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