One of the many exciting and new items packed in the Q2 2013 release of RadControls for Windows 8 HTML is the RadCalendar control. It provides the most common feature set in you would expect from a typical Calendar UI and a bit more:

All views - month, year, century and decade.
Figure 1. RadCalendar in all views.
  • Month, year, decade and century views for easy navigation to the target date to select.
  • Specifying an available range for selection by defining min and max values.
  • Templates for the cells in month view.
  • Special dates, which can be customized with the month view templates to show more specific information inside the calendar.
  • A template for the footer, which by default shows a link to today’s date.
  • Touch input for touch-enabled devices. The gestures RadCalendar recognizes do not interfere with other commonly handled UI gestures on the same page of the app. For example navigating to the next/previous month in month view requires a down/up swipe gesture instead of a horizontal one (which is usually handled for page navigation) and a pinch-in gesture zooms out to the year view, etc.
  • Keyboard support for classic desktop/laptop devices.
  • Smooth animations reflecting the navigation choices of the user that greatly improve the user experience.
  • Built-in culture support (localization of text labels and formatting of dates) for all cultures supported by WinRT.

Month view in French. Year view in French.
Figure 2. A RadCalendar localized in French.

On the developer side RadCalendar comes with:

  • Full IntelliSense support with a built-in vsdoc in the Extension SDK of RadControls for Windows 8,
  • TypeScript declarations for all properties and related types and
  • An API that can be used to program a lot of custom UIs in your Windows Store Apps, e.g. multiple selection and detail panels.
Range selection.
Figure 3. Range selection implemented with the API.

Special dates and a detail panel.Figure 4. Special dates templates with extra info per date in a separate panel.

What about the future?

We have some exciting plans for and around RadCalendar, which we will be rolling out in Q3 2013, two of which are built-in range selection and easier integration between two or more calendars that will further enhance the multiple selection user experience.

Until then, you can download RadControls for Windows 8 HTML now and see RadCalendar in action. Please share your ideas and feedback on our feedback portal or write to us in the forums or via our support-ticket system. We are eager to hear your opinion and comments about this new control.

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