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Snag an early look at the new features and upgrades coming soon to Kendo UI for jQuery, Angular, React and Vue, and get hyped for the release on September 12.

The weeks leading up to a release are especially exciting within the Kendo UI team. As we're putting the final touches on our components and writing the last line of code and documentation article, we start feeling the hype building up to the official release.

While it's still just over a week away, I wanted to take a quick look at some of the upcoming features that we're releasing with R3 2018 to get you hyped as well! This isn't a final list of all new items coming out by the way, so there are even more goodies to come.

Peeking into jQuery

For the R3 2018 release we are introducing a couple of new components to our jQuery suite and also ensuring that the suite is compliant with the new WCAG 2.1 standard - huge within apps where accessibility is important.

Getting straight to it, the new components that we're looking to release include the MultiColumnComboBox, the ArcGauge, and MultiViewCalendar components.

The TreeList is receiving some big updates, including multi-column headersclient-side paging, and batch editing (among other items yet to be announced)!

Of course, the Grid is receiving some updates like additional improvement around responsive design (for PWA scenarios etc.) and a couple of other features you'll have to wait for the release to see :wink:.

The Conversational UI component is looking to add in a Toolbar feature that gives users more ways to interact with their chat interface with items like images and voice.

We're also ensuring that the Material theme is arriving to jQuery, which was something that we took some extra time to get right and add in properly.

Peeking into React

For R3 2018 Kendo UI for React will be absolutely filled to the brim with new components and features. There will be too many to list for a sneak preview, but I'll give everyone a little taste now.

In the Data Visualization area we have the Stock Chart and Sparkline Chart components coming out. In terms of other new components we have the DialogMenuMultiViewCalendarMultiSelect, and DateRangePicker components coming out.

The Grid, the most popular component of any suite, is receiving a bunch of new features including multi-column headers, a built-in loading indicator, and frozen columns.

Peeking into Angular

Our Kendo UI for Angular library is adding one of the most important components in any of our suites: the Scheduler Component.

Honestly, this is a huge component that could serve as the only component to release for R3, but we would never settle for just one component! We're also adding in a new Notification Component along with some integration demos across the board.

The Charts are also getting improvements through Trend line Support as well as axis positioning, allowing for axis positioning like charts in Excel.

Of course, the Grid is receiving some updates with the addition of items like a Context Menu and using the new DateRangePicker for filtering.

Peeking into the Vue Wrappers

The Kendo UI Wrappers for Vue are based on jQuery, so we'll see a very similar list of features there. This means that our Vue.js library will be fully compliant with WCAG 2.1 and will receive the new MultiColumnComboBox and ArcGauge components.

Of course, the TreeList component is getting the batch editingmulti-column headers, and client-side paging just like on the jQuery side.

The Grid will also receive the same responsive behavior updates amongst a couple of other features, and the Conversational UI component for Vue will get the new toolbar feature.

Finally, the Vue.js components are also getting the new Material Theme to ensure that they follow the latest and greatest within UX and design.

Come Back for More!

I hope I managed to get you excited about the new bits! Make sure to come back on September 12th to download the latest version and see all the new features and components that will be available.

If you want to see all of the release highlights you can put a calendar placeholder for the LIVE Kendo UI webinar on September 27th at 11 a.m. ET!

If you're new to Kendo UI, you can try out a free 30-day trial of the latest version today (and of course, you'll have full access to upgrade to the latest release when it debuts).

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