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Enjoy over 20 enhancements and fixes with Telerik UI for WinForms R2 2020 Service Pack, as well as more development on the Telerik .NET Core WinForms designer! 

In the month following our latest major release, the team behind Telerik UI for WinForms was able to address more than 20 reported items on various controls and functionalities. Special thanks to the developers who reported these issues so we can provide the fixes 😊. Aside from the various enhancements in the UI suite, we are continuing our work on the Telerik .NET Core WinForms designer. Stay tuned to learn more about Telerik UI for WinForms R2 2020 Service Pack!

The service pack includes important updates in the RadScheduler, RadGridView and the entire Telerik Presentation Framework. The release notes are available here:

Below are some of the more important enhancements:

RadScheduler and Entity Framework

A client recently reported that the RadScheduler could not handle quite well the exceptions of a recurring appointment when it is bound with Entity Framework. We knew that you love Entity Framework so that automatically raised the priority of the issue. Digging deep into our codebase it turned out that the entire feature was missing, and the exceptions read by Entity Framework could not be extracted by our data layer. We are very happy that we managed to implement the missing functionality for the service pack.


BypassSort and BypassFilter in RadGridView

RadGridView has a mechanism to skip filtering and sorting in its data layer and still indicate that a Column has been sorted or filtered in the UI. This functionality comes in handy when your end users are applying sort and filter descriptors via the built-in UI in the grid and you want to apply these descriptors straight on your data source. For example, you are bound to a data table and now you have the option to apply the sorting and filtering to the data table's default view Sort and RowFilter properties. Up until now the BypassSort and BypassFilter were not working independently. Setting the BypassSort to true would break the default filtering mechanism and this was not expected. Now the two properties are working independently and one can either skip sorting or filtering or even both if the two properties are true.

GIFs on High DPI

Screens with greater resolution are becoming standard these days. 4K displays are more and more common and we know that developing for High DPI is a challenge. Our framework supports GIF files well, and this might come useful in certain scenarios. The support we had did not include High DPI screens. This limitation is now resolved, and we are happy to announce that GIFs are also supported on High DPI.


.NET Core WinForms Design Time

We've made a significant progress porting many of the existing designers to .NET Core. Still, Visual Studio lacks official support for custom controls in .NET Core, so at the moment it is not possible to test the designers for yourself. We are collaborating closely with Microsoft to find the best possible solution. Olia Gavrysh, a Program Manager at Microsoft, had a nice blog post on the WinForms designer in .NET Core. The screenshot in the What’s coming next section features the all mighty RadGridView shown in the .NET Core designer.

Try it Out

Make sure to download and try the latest version of Telerik UI for WinForms to explore all the new features and themes:

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We'd love to hear how this all works for you, so please let us know your thoughts by visiting our Feedback portal or by leaving a comment below.

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Hristo Merdjanov

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