My team released the first Service Pack for the Windows Forms UI controls several hours ago. I wouldn't be blogging about a Service Pack if it weren’t for some major improvements we made over the last few weeks. Traditionally we’ve shied away from adding new capabilities in Service Packs but rules are there to be broken and you will be seeing lots of new stuff and improvements with every SP, minor or major telerik r.a.d.controls for WinForms release.

The highlight of the SP1 additions is the significantly improved design-time experience. The changes were driven by the feedback we have received from all of you, which was greatly appreciated.

As of  Service Pack 1, it's now possible do drag and drop elements/items just to change the order of appearance of a certain group, or to place a given item in another group/collection. In the screenshot below, I'm moving a button element in the RibbonBar from one button group to another, placing it before the hovered button.

Another cool feature that we introduced is the dragging of items between different controls. For example, you can drag a button from one RibbonBar and place it in another: 

You can even take an item from one control and place it in another type of control. For instance, you can take a tab item from the RibbonBar control and place it in a TabStrip control: 

We also added a new smart tag appearing at the top right corner of each item, which allows you to control very easily whether an item should be sized automatically or not.

When an item is not automatically sized, (AutoSize is unchecked) you can freely resize it:

In the Service Pack we've also enhanced the examples by categorizing them better, and adding some new cool skins. Now you can enjoy true Office 2007- and Vista- like examples. Having said that, we recently received the Office 2007 UI guidelines from Microsoft and they pose quite a few requirements. Perhaps some of you may know, in order to offer Office 2007 UIs, component vendors need to pass Microsoft approval and obtain a license that allows ISVs to ship products with the Office 2007 UI. Fortunately for telerik customers, we are one of the very first component vendors to obtain rights to use the proper interfaces in telerik Windows Forms and ASP.NET controls.

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