I have to admit that I get scared each time I read terms like "loosely coupled", "enterprise", "architectural framework" and so on at one place.
Even so, my colleagues and I had to suppress our fear and test our WinForms controls with the the Composite UI Application Block framework (you can find more info about it here).
I was pleasantly surprised that everything went very smoothly and well. The CAB framework does exactly what it claims - it provides an easy way for building complex UIs based on separate blocks / "smart parts". I recommend it to everyone who embraces the Smart Client idea.
We've created a project which has one TabWorkspace based on our TabStrip control and one ToolStrip adapter factory based on the ToolStrip control (the adapter factory uses two adapters - ToolStripElementAdapter and ToolStripItemAdapter). We have also modified a little the SmartPartQuickStart solution (here are some screenshots: 1, 2) which comes with the CAB installation and now it uses our controls. You can download the whole solution from the WinForms Code Library.
During the next week we also plan to supplement the TelerikCab project with RibbonBarAdapter, MenuAdapter and DockWorkspace. We will be happy to hear your feedback and will welcome any suggestions you have on the CAB Project.
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