I will never get tired (just like our fabulous and restless XAML teams) of announcing new and exciting additions to our WPF and Silverlight suites. We’ve had 4 very dynamic months to prepare our Q3 2012 release and give to you a lot of new features. In a nutshell – we are delivering CodedUI test support for our WPF controls, a new touch-enabled theme named Windows8Touch, VS 2012 operational and UX compatibility, the beta version of our RadPivotGrid, and the official versions of three components – RadGanttView, RadAutoCompleteBox and RadHeatmap. Now, please keep on reading for some more details and a quick peek into a few of these…

With our Windows8Touch theme we throw the gauntlet to our Windows 8 team to deliver a better look and feel in the new platform than we can in WPF and Silverlight. This is only the first step in providing you the right tools to address the upcoming need of Windows 8-like applications for WPF and Silverlight. It is now possible to touch-enable your existing or future application by simply setting the new theme. Below you can see our grid control “dressed” in Windows 8 Style (formerly Metro).

And now on to one of the most interesting controls – RadPivotGrid. The team has worked hard to deliver OLAP support – new ADOMD and XMLA data providers, support for named sets, attribute hierarchies, and user-defined hierarchies. Additionally, our PivotFieldList now displays all available dimensions, hierarchies, sets, and measures. Another highly requested feature was tooltips for rows, columns and cells:

Here’s a quick look at our GanttView and its AdvancedTimeline&TimeRulerCustomizations:

The new light-weight autocomplete component allows your end users to choose single or multiple items from the suggest-list populated based on their input:

Q3 2012 is stuffed to the brim with a lot of new features and enhancements. I’ll provide the full release history links later but here are some of the highlights:

  • RadChartView is now empowered with light rendering for large data and annotations

  • RadDiagrams will surprise you with HTML5 export, Visual containers, Gliding connectors, Ruler Smart scaling and Freehand & Polygon drawing tools. These are indeed RadDiagrams:

  • Drag reorder of panes in RadDocking
  • You can enjoy the lightning-fast scrolling of the grouped RadGridView and its Column aligned aggregates
  • Support for encrypted documents and annotations in RadPDFViewer
  • Our Timeline component also presents annotations and Expand/Collapse of groups
  • RadRichTextBox now offers Footnotes, End-notes, Stylesheets, Tables formatting with conditional styles and Bibliographic references and citations
  • RadScheduleView will support from now on hourly and minutely recurrences
  • RadBarcode has a new type PDF417

Here are the promised links for the detailed release story for WPF and Silverlight. You can learn more on our webinar next Tuesday. Please feel free to try the new Q3 2012 release which you can find under Your Account for download. Once you play with it, your thoughts and comments are welcome.

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