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Back in April we introduced a new developer productivity tool called JustMock. Its purpose is to help developers write better unit tests and save time testing their code. The tool spurred a lot of interest and many people were eager to test the beta. This helped us greatly improve the tools functionality and feature set.

Q2 2010 is going to be a milestone release for JustMock as we are officially introducing its commercial version. The new version is going to include many new features as well as offer a more robust and swift performance.

One of the new features coming with the latest version of JustMock is the ability to mock/isolate non-public members and types. This is a feature that will be added in direct response to the many user requests.

With Q2 2010 people will be able to easily use JustMock with our data access tool OpenAccess ORM when creating database dependent applications. Another integration we will introduce is going to be with JustCode, customers will be able to easily run JustMock "elevated" unit test and perform repetitive actions like setting the expectations.

We have also added support for TestDriven.NET. This means that with the new version of JustMock you will be able to run tests, which mock final, static, etc. members.

JustMock will be offered for $299 per developer seat, there will also be a subscription license which will run at $399 and will come with a full year of updates and source code. JustMock will also be included in the Telerik Ultimate Collection, which features all Telerik developer products.

In the weeks leading up to the Q2 2010 release we are going to share with you more highlights about the major updates and new features coming to Telerik’s products. So, stay tuned to this blog, check regularly and follow us on Twitter for real time updates.

Make sure you register for the “What’s New in Telerik JustMock” webinar. Just like with previous releases, we kept the tradition and organized a 5-day “Release Webinar Week”. During the week after the release you’ll have the chance to learn all the major new features that ship with the Q2 release. Telerik Ultimate Collection licenses (worth $1999) will be raffled at each webcast.

Thurs, Jul 22, 11 am EST: What’s New in JustCode, JustMock, and OpenAccess ORM

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