As we already announced in our public Roadmap, we mostly dedicated our efforts in Q1 2010 on improvements in our current offering. We have been working in several major directions: Performance, enhancements in the existing themes and we continued our Silverlight 4 development by launching weekly builds with our Silverlight 4 assemblies, thus tightly follow the Microsoft release schedule.

Along with our major efforts for improvements we also worked on developing several new controls::
Transition for Silverlight and WPF

Book and Map for WPF


Other major additions that will be included in Q1 2010 and are featured in this Beta release are key new features:


New Series Type:

Scatter (Point) Chart

Data Sampling - the advanced Data Sampling API allows you to handle and visualize millions of data points in a matter of milliseconds. The control comes with a number of preset sampling functions but you can also specify your own in order to achieve the most accurate chart view for your application.

Zooming and Scrolling – with the new zoom/scroll functionality, the user can quickly pan between extremely large amounts of data and adjust the zoom level available.


AxisX StepLabels Support – you can arrange the axis item labels in multiple layers now for improved data presentation

Sort and Filter Descriptors – allows you to sort and filter the data during databinding



Bird’s Eye View – BingMapProvider now adds support for Bird’s Eye View that complements the existing Aerial and Road View modes.

DataBinding – you can now use the automated databinding support provided by the control to populate the items of its InformationLayer. 

Search – searching for a particular location now takes just a few seconds thanks to the new integrated search functionality in RadMap. 

Routing – the control now provides integrated Bing Maps routing support.

Geocoding - the control now provides integrated geocoding support.



UI virtualization - allows for the display of a large number of appointments without any hits to performance.  This will let you spend more time utilizing the features and functionality of RadScheduler and less time managing how you will display a growing number of appointments for your users.

Drag & Drop of appointments between resource groups - allows you to quickly re-assign resources without ever having to open an appointment.



Extended RIA Services support with improved editing and codeless grouping, sorting and filtering via DomainDataSource.

Built-in commands for edit, delete, copy, etc. The built-in commands make it very easy with less code to expose the same functionality at multiple places in RadGridView interface.

Customizable Keyboard Navigation - now you can set up your navigation through RadGridView and its operation in the most convenient way.


FULL RELEASE NOTES are available at: RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for WPF


To better explain how we are achieving the blazing performance we prepared a dedicated page that discusses on the key concepts we used. Also, to clearly identify how we are adding value to the default tools and further going beyond we uploaded a page that provides a comparison between RadControls and Microsoft Toolkit controls.


The DOWNLOADS are now available in your account (or free trials): both full installation (MSI) or manual installation (ZIP)

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