I am happy to note that there are two new Telerik Reporting case studies added to the website. The fellows from Kangarooware, LLS and Wil-Trans were very kind to send us their impressions on working with Telerik Reporting.

Kangarooware www.surplusims.com
Kangarooware was founded in June of 2006 by John A. Fuqua, former Chief Technology Officer of Go Figure, Inc. (World's Largest Membership Management Software Company) in quest for delivering enterprise quality software and technology services to small and medium business. They needed to design an application that gives management greater visibility of neglected valuable inventory resulting in cost savings

“We chose Telerik Reporting based on its simplicity, ease of deployment, and track record in the ASP.NET component industry. The most enticing feature was that everything was done in C#. Most of the other tools we looked at support some variation or a VB Script type language. It was important that we kept the development language unified. We tried using several alternatives, Crystal Reports and Microsoft Reporting Services, but these turned out to be very cumbersome, difficult to deploy, and left you writing logic in a foreign language. Telerik was easy and fast.”

Wil-Trans www.wil-trans.com
Wil-Trans is a trucking company located in Strafford, MO, US. Started in 1990 by former drivers with 12 trucks, today they operate over 150 trucks hauling refrigerated freight across the continental United States. For the growing business, they needed a reporting solution so their users can access real-time reports across multiple data sources anytime from anywhere in the world and Telerik Reporting fitted perfectly

“Telerik Reporting is an asset to any piece of management software. Our users can access real-time reports across multiple data sources anytime from anywhere in the world. The ability to create customized report objects while maintaining a generic delivery system was one of the key features that drew us to this product. Now we’re able to give users their reports based on their user type and group permissions without hard-coding any WebForms.”

You can read the full case studies following this link.


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