You are working for X-Y-Z International which has 11 offices around the globe and your boss wants you to consolidate last year’s expenditures of these offices in a single report. You already have the offices’ reports in the DB, but some of them are in US Dollars, others are in Euro, and the rest are in Israeli Shekels. What to do!?

Hello Everyone,

My name is Trayko and I am with the reporting team in Telerik. This is my first blog and I am happy that it is related to something new and cool. For the past month we worked hard and spent countless hours on designing and developing the new Telerik Reporting version which we released just days ago.

In Q3 2007, which is fully compatible with the new VS2008, we are introducing several milestone features for you to play with. One of the features, a very important one for all Telerik customers, is full support for Cultures, Globalization and RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic, not only in HTML, but also in PDF and Excel. That is right - the reporting engine is Culture aware, allowing you to have mixed cultures in one and the same report.

This means that with Telerik Reporting Q3 2007 our imaginary friend from X-Y-Z International would not have to worry about consolidating report any more. Obviously, the easiest way to consolidate reports would be to print them, staple them together and let your boss do the thinking. But this is rather silly, isn’t it?

What I would do instead is:
- Create one report for all offices using the Culture feature provided by Telerik Reporting;
- Export the report in nicely organized PDF, with charts for colorful visual representation of the values;
- Send it to my boss with a short memo;
- Export the report to Excel (another new feature in Telerik Reporting Q3 2007) and save the new file as a backup.

In addition to the cool features mentioned above, the new Q3 2007 version introduces a brilliant way to provide Dynamic Layouts. By using the docking and anchoring features, you will be able to create a table-like layout reports in minutes, without extra learning.

More information about the new features included in the latest version you can find here.

I dare you to try it – I am sure that you would appreciate the new features Telerik has added for you in the latest version of Telerik Reporting.


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