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New Checkbox Border Controls in Telerik UI for Xamarin R2 2018 SP_870x220

Check out the two new components in Telerik UI for Xamarin: RadCheckBox and RadBorder, as well as other improvements to the suite coming with the latest Service Pack.

Last month, with the Telerik R2 2018 release, we shipped Conversational UI, TreeView and BarCode, as well as multiple improvements to the Telerik UI for Xamarin suite. Now, a month later, the Service Pack release is out bringing two more components and numerous new features.

Those of you who have already seen the new RadTreeView may have noticed the 3-state checkbox we use to manage the UI where a parent item might have both checked and unchecked child items. Well, it seems to be a nice control and we decided not to keep it for ourselves, when it could come in handy for you as well.

Introducing the Xamarin CheckBox Control

Now RadCheckBox is a fully-fledged, standalone control, ready to be used in your applications. It comes in two or three states and with commands and theming support.


Easily Add Borders to Items in Your Xamarin Apps

In a similar manner, the Conversational UI features a container with various message types in it. These messages are surrounded by a very flexible border that allows for different corner radii and border widths. So that you can do the same in your apps, we're happy to introduce you to the new RadBorder.

RadBorder comes in handy when you need to make a circle image, add a rounded or rectangular border for a control, or highlight an element with a thicker border. With its simple, yet powerful API (BorderColor, BorderThickness and CornerRadius) you can easily shape your content in the form you need.


Other New Features and Improvements in the Service Pack

This release also features some major performance improvements in RadDataGrid and a number of bug fixes across the suite. For full details on what’s new in 2018 R2 SP1 check out our Release History.

Want to try it out already? Check out the Telerik UI for Xamarin page, or directly download the suite.

Start Your UI for Xamarin Trial

Try the new controls and let us know what you think. Excited for more? See our roadmap and what else we are cooking.

Finally, with the rise of UWP, the decline in Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows Universal was imminent. We have decided to stop supporting Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows Universal 8.1, so that we can focus on delivering value for platforms that really matter – Android and iOS (through UI for Xamarin and NativeScript) and UWP (through our open source UI for UWP).

Vesselin Georgiev
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Vesselin Georgiev

Vesselin Georgiev is a principal software developer at Progress on the Telerik Xamarin & UWP Team. He started here back in 2006 as a support officer on the ASP.NET team. Later, he moved to Silverlight, WPF, UWP, and Xamarin development but kept his passion for customer satisfaction. He also loves traveling, hiking and good food.

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