We prepared a new build of RadScheduler for WPF that is fully compatible with the Q2 2008 SP1 release of RadControls for WPF. The ZIP file is attached to the following forum thread:
RadScheduler new build for Q2 2008 SP1


You can download it and give it a go.

We also featured in the ZIP file the updated examples about RadScheduler.

Below, you can find a full list of all the changes that have been included in the latest RadScheduler build:

New Features:
  • SchedulerView changes
      - The derived classes for each View (Day, Week and Month) have been removed
      - There are new classes ViewDefinition (Day, Week, Month) that are used for displaying data in different view modes (similar to web scheduler's settings). These definitions are used to create the SchedulerView (renamed to SchedulerViewModel). The scheduler itself has three properties -DayViewDefinition, WeekViewDefinition, MonthViewDefinition that you can use. Check out the "Customizable views" example.
  • Basic implementation for Import and Export of Appointments to iCal format. In the future this implementation will be greatly expanded and integrated into the provider's infrastructure.
  • SelectedAppointment and SelectedAppointments properties have been added to RadScheduler. The ability to select multiple appointments is also integrated. Check out the "Selected Appointment"  and "Selected Appointments" examples.
  • SelectedTimeSlot property has been added to RadScheduler. Check out the "Selected TimeSlot" example.
  • Culture and FirstDayOfWeek properties have been added to RadScheduler from CalendarInfo. Therefore, CalendarInfo has been removed.

What's Fixed:
  • Navigation from one month (week) to another was not always showing  the correct appointments.
  • Various bugs when editing appointment-recurrence's pattern.
  • Other minor improvements and optimizations.

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Nikolay Atanasov

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