With the Q1 2015 release, JustMock continues to evolve. It comes with a few exciting new features:

  • Mocking Containers Integration (MEF or Unity for dependency injection)
  • Entity Framework (EF) integration
  • Improved Integration with TFS 2013 and TFS 2012

Download the latest version to try out the new features or read more about them on the What’s New page.

Important Changes

We also wanted to make the mocking API cleaner. To make that possible, a few important changes will follow.

The 2015 Q1 release will be the last JustMock release to officially support the .NET 2.0 runtime. Starting with Q2, JustMock will target .NET 4.0, and you will not be able to reference it in test projects targeting .NET 2.0 or .NET 3.5. If you have projects that use JustMock and target the 2.0 or 3.5 version of the .NET Framework, you will have to retarget them to 4.0 or 4.5, or stick with the Q1 version of JustMock until you’re ready to migrate. The JustMock assembly for Visual Basic 2008 (Telerik.JustMock.VisualBasic.dll) will also be gone.

Most importantly, ArrangeSet() will disappear and setter and event expressions will become first-class citizens, which will remove the need for awkward workarounds in certain edge cases.

Extras on NuGet

In other news, check out the growing list of extras available for JustMock on NuGet. Extras include packages for enabling auto-mocking for various popular dependency injection containers, as well as a package for creating in-memory Entity Framework DbContexts and arranging their data. While these projects may not have the same support guarantee that JustMock itself has, they are nevertheless free and open-source, and bug reports, feature requests or patches are more than welcome from the JustMock community. Use our  feedback portal to submit them.

Happy Mocking!

Stefan Dragnev is a Principal Software Engineer at Telerik
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Stefan Dragnev

Stefan Dragnev is a Principal Software Engineer at Telerik. 

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