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Great news! Cell selection will be among the new features that we are going to introduce with Q2 2010. I guess many of you have been waiting for this feature for quite some time now and the wait is almost over.  You can give this new feature a try by downloading the beta version of RadControls for WPF/Silverlight Q2 2010.

Let me guide you through the new API. We have added a new property called SelectionUnit which specifies what units are selected when you are interacting with the grid. Currently the SelectionUnit enumeration has two possible values – Cell or FullRow. FullRow represents the behavior that you are all familiar with while Cell represents the new cell selection behavior.

In addition to that you can use the SelectedCells property to access all selected cells. I should make a note here that SelectedCells does not contain references to the actual cells that are displayed by RadGridView but rather data representations of those cells. This representation is called GridViewCellInfo and stores two pieces of data – the Item and the Column that a particular cell is associated with.

The last addition to the API is the SelectedCellsChanged event which is raised when cells are selected or unselected.

As usual, the needs of our customers come first and we would love to hear your feedback. How does cell selection fit into your projects? What properties or functionally you would like to be added?

Here is a simple application that demonstrates the new feature.

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