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Creating custom columns for RadGridView is super easy - all you need to do is to override CreateCellElement and/or CreateCellEditElement methods and return desired controls. To illustrate this I’ve made a column with RadProgressBar for view mode and RadSlider for edit mode:

And here is the code:

public class GridViewPercentageColumn : GridViewDataColumn
    public override FrameworkElement CreateCellElement(GridViewCell cell, object dataItem)
        var bar = cell.Content as RadProgressBar;

        if (bar == null)
            bar = new RadProgressBar();
            bar.Height = 20;
            bar.SetBinding(RadProgressBar.ValueProperty, this.DataMemberBinding);
            cell.Content = bar;

        return bar;

    public override FrameworkElement CreateCellEditElement(GridViewCell cell, object dataItem)
        var slider = new RadSlider();
        slider.Maximum = 0;
        slider.Maximum = 100;
        slider.SmallChange = 1;
        slider.LargeChange = 10;
        slider.SetBinding(RadSlider.ValueProperty, this.DataMemberBinding);
        return slider;



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