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Thanks to everyone to attended the DevCraft Q1 2014 online release conference. If you missed the live event you can still watch the conference on demand here until March 20th. After March 20th the replay will be available on the Telerik YouTube Channel. We covered a lot of great material around DevCraft developer toolbox for .NET & HTML development and .NET development and you should definitely check it out.

I enjoyed demonstrating all of the great new features of some of my favorite software development tools; JustCode, JustMock and JustTrace. I’m also thrilled that I had the opportunity to highlight the Kendo UI Server Wrappers for MVC and hope that if you are doing MVC development with Kendo you’ll take advantage of these wrappers to jump-start your use of Kendo UI to build responsive web applications.

I had a few questions during my session that I wanted to make sure I addressed them here. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below, or email me at


Before we get into the Q&A, we would encourage you to leave feedback on any new control or feature at

Code Faster and Smarter - JustCode, JustMock, JustTrace

Q: Are the code templates based on T4 or on VSs snippets or totally different?

A: The JustCode template engine is specifically designed for JustCode. It does not leverage T4 or Visual Studio snippets.

Q: Are there performance implications of AutoMocking? Since it is possible to profile during tests now as mentioned in the keynote would the profile results be skewed?

A: There is no appreciable performance hit for Auto Mocking. When you are profiling a unit test you are profiling the whole test, which includes your Arrange and Assert steps as well as you Act step. However JustTrace presents the data in such a way that you can focus specifically on what happens in the Act step, which will not be impacted by the Arrange or Assert steps.

Kendo UI ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

Q: (When setting a default date on the Kendo UI date picker control with the JavaScript date object) Why is the month base 0 and the day base 1 for the date picker?

A: When creating a new date in JavaScript (var x = new Date(year, month day);) the month argument is zero based. This is a JavaScript convention that Kendo UI honors to help ensure that the control is easy and intuitive for JavaScript users.

Q: Any ETA on a Drag and Drop UI designer for Kendo UI. Have spent some time coding w/KendoUI/MVC. Love the controls but layout is slow...

A: No plans to add a visual designer for Visual Studio, but there is a designer for Kendo UI Mobile in App Builder.

Q: can KendoUI extensions be setup in a way to render the scripts in the body not in the head?

A: The controls rendered with the Razor syntax should be appearing in the HTML where you are declaring them. If you are not seeing this send me an email at and I can take a look at what’s going on.

Q: my main concern is developing hybrid apps with the Kendo ui on Android IOS and wp7/8

A: There is a Kendo UI library for mobile web applications that works great with Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Check out for more information.

Q: Can we use the grid with data comes from from web api? any example?

A: Yes, I am planning a blog post on how to do this that will be published this quarter. The post will appear on this blog.

Q: Are all the attributes from the Kendo UI controls being exposed as data- html attributes?

A: Yes

Q: i keep hearing wp8 support is coming to kendo mobile but havent heard much about progress or release dates where can I learn more? thanks!

A: Windows Phone support has been part of Kendo Mobile for some time. For more information check out

Q: Is grouping before paging also possible in Kendo Grid?

A: Yes. If you are having issues with this please send me an email at

Q: Will there be an equivalent to RadSpell in Kendo? or can Kendo mix with RadSpell?
A: If you are using Kendo in web forms you should be able to use RadSpell with the Kendo controls. There are no plans for a Kendo spelling control at this time. Most browsers already have built-in spell checkers.

Building Responsive Web Applications with Kendo UI

Q: How dose RAZOR compare to C#?

A: RAZOR is the language that you use in MVC to define your user interface. It has got some similarities with C# and also leverages traditional ASP and ASP.NET syntax to help you define your webpage.

Q: Do you have any video editing controls?

A: We do not have a video editor but we do have image editor and video playback controls.

Q: Is your paging virtualized?

A: Paging virtualization is not supported in Kendo. Client side and server side paging are completely supported.

Q: will U detail the steps of loading the kendoUI mvc app onto the app?? I guess using the device native webcontrol

A: Complete directions for MVC 5 can be found here Instructions for other versions of MVC are also listed on the left side navigation pane.


We had a lot of great new features in the DevCraft Q1 2014 release. I didn’t get enough time to show you everything I wanted to during the virtual conference, so be sure to watch this blog as I’ll be published many posts showing you even more cool things you can do with our products and how to use them to get the most out of your development day.

Again, if you have a question that wasn’t addressed here, please feel free to leave it in the comments or email me at

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