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We wanted to thank you for attending the DevCraft Q3 2014 online conference. In our webinar titled, “Use your .NET Skills to Go Mobile,” we covered how the Telerik DevCraft Collection helps you build compelling mobile experiences using your existing .NET skillset. From mobile to web to desktop, we have you covered. Regardless if you are starting a new project or wanting to upgrade an existing one, our control suite will enable your users to have a great experience on any device they choose.

As promised in Part 1 of our DevCraft 2014 Q3 Webinar Wrap-Up post, we’ve included a list of questions and answers from the session below. If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment in this thread.

You can also find the recording of the webinar online in case you missed it. 


Q: Are touch drag and drop events automatically enabled in mobile rendering for the RadGrid?

A: Yes, we believe that is what most developers would want enabled.

Q: When should I be using Kendo UI Mobile vs Server controls that are mobile friendly?

A: Kendo UI Mobile should be used in cases where native outlook of the controls is a must. The ASP.NET AJAX control can be used in the rest of the cases, where mobile support (e.g. the controls to work in touch environment) is required, but it is not needed that they look exactly like the native counterparts.

Q: Is the RadGrid customizable? For example: Colors, Custom Sizes, etc.

A: Yes. Check the grid demos at:

Q. Does the RadWizard follow similar functionality and capabilities as the original ASP.NET Wizard control?  What are the benefits of the Telerik RadWizard vs. the standard ASP.NET Wizard control?

A. RadWizard covers all of the functionalities of the standard one and brings more advanced features such as Mobile rendering, rich client and server API. For detailed explanations please review its documentation.

Q. With the RadWizard when going from step to step, how are you handling the storage of the info entered? Can you save the data during each step?

A. You can save the data between each step.  Storage of that data is up to you.

Q. Does InLine Editor work also in mobile device?

A. Yes, the editor now has HTML5 'light rendering' mode that should support tablets much better than before.

Q. What are some real world scenarios where the TreeMap control would be useful?

A. Check our samples at:

Q. Can RadEditor handle Microsoft Word documents to load and edit, and are save and mail merge features available?

A. You can paste Word content into the editor.  Saving and mail merge can be done later with our new document processing features.

For the complete list of questions asked regarding ASP.NET, look here.

UI for Windows Universal

Q: Are the Telerik Windows Universal controls available for web applications?

A: The UI for Windows Universal suite is meant for building Universal apps for Windows, running seamlessly on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 forward. These depend on the underlying Windows Runtime, and are not meant for Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 or web applications. Detailed system requirements @

Q: Are any of these new UI for Windows Universal controls available for Telerik Platform?

A: The UI for Windows Universal controls are meant for C#/XAML development of Windows apps, while a Telerik Platform subscription covers end-to-end mobile solutions hybrid or native. UI for Windows Universal suite is available as a part of Telerik Platform subscription as well as in a DevCraft license.

Q: Can we change height and weight of the Windows Universal BusyIndicator control?

A: The BusyIndicator supports several inbuilt and custom animations running inside of its parent XAML container. You can fine tune the control's height/width from the parent XAML container control.

Q: Can you draw a route on the Map control for Windows Universal?

A: Yes, using custom shape files or user layer. Please see to understand the concepts.

Q: Would the Windows Universal DataBoundListbox use XAML for binding?

A: Data binding can be done using both XAML markup and C# code-behind. 

Q: May the Windows Universal Map control replace Bing Maps or Here Maps features?

A: The Telerik Map cannot display imagery content. It is best suited to display vector data from shape files.

Q: Is there a way to create Universal apps that includes iPhone and Android?

A: Windows Universal controls are meant for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. To go for iOS and Android, please consider using Telerik Platform or Xamarin controls.

Q: What version of Visual Studio is supported for UI for Windows Universal controls?

A: Visual Studio 2013 and forward.

Q: I saw Windows 8.1 specific RadialMenu control in the Windows Universal suite, but I can't see in Windows Phone version or adaptive rendering. Will Telerik add RadialMenu for Windows Phone in the next release?

A: A universal RadialMenu will definitely be added to the suite. Unfortunately we cannot commit to a specific release timeframe. Please vote up this feature request @

Q: Does Telerik UI for Windows Phone change to Telerik UI for Windows Universal?

A: UI for Windows Phone is based on Silverlight Runtime, and that suite remains as is. Increasingly, more of the Windows Phone controls will make their way into the Windows Universal suite with Windows Runtime.

Q: I went to product pages of Window Universal controls, but I couldn't find any demo. Are there any demos available?

A: Yes, please check the Windows Store for sample app, including all controls and demo code.

Q: Would the Windows Universal DatePicker and Calendar controls be able to blackout dates? Especially via data binding?

A: Specific dates can be enabled/disabled.

Q: Does the Windows Universal DataBoundListbox offer infinite scrolling functionality?

A: Infinite scrolling is supported through the LoadOnDemand mechanism in the DBLB. Documentation coming soon.

Q: What was the ESRI interface type supported in Windows Universal Map control?

A: Popular geospatial vector data format. More info @

Q: Are the Windows Universal controls supported in HTML/JS based Windows Store apps?

A: Telerik UI for Windows Universal suite is for C#/XAML for now.

Q: Can I use VB with the UI for Windows Universal controls?

A: It is C# for now.

Q: I love the various Telerik Examples applications because they allow me to see usable samples of the controls along with code and markup.  Will the Telerik Examples applications be updated with a Windows Universal version and when?

A: The Telerik Examples app is available on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 stores.

Windows Phone:


The app’s source code is part of the bundle registered users download. We’ll upload the source code of the app to GitHub for the upcoming Service Pack (end of November/beginning of December).

Q: Can we define custom template for Windows Universal BusyIndicator?

A: Yes, possible to add custom templates & animations. Details @

Q:. Have the Windows Universal controls been tested with the Windows 10 TechPreview yet?

A: Yes, we're testing and everything should run smoothly since it is Windows Runtime under the hood. Please keep in mind, Windows 10 is months away from official release, and our official support needs to wait till then.

Q:. With the Windows Universal BusyIndicator, are you able to apply custom "Indicator" CSS? Like a picture or pictures with some kind of animation?  

A: Custom animations are supported. Details @

Q: We saw a number of controls that were Windows 8.1 exclusive; are those being ported to Universal? If so do you have a timeline?

A: Yes, projected for next Q.

Q: Are we going to see RadJumpList in UI for Windows Universal eventually? 

A: Yes, having a universal JumpList is definitely on our plans. Use this log entry to vote:

Q: Can the Universal DatePicker offer just month and year, so that I can use it to enter credit card expiration dates and such?

A: Yes. Contact support for the necessary steps.

Q:  Do the Windows Universal Charting controls use any type of lazy loading?

A: The Charting component has advanced drawing capabilities and renders only the viewport. If you’re building a data intensive app and you feel that the Chart’s capabilities are insufficient, could you please contact support and explain the scenario in which you use it.

Q: Are apps made with UI for Windows Universal compatible with WinRT devices?

A: Yes, same Windows Runtime underneath.

Q: With the new Windows Universal functionality, is it possible to provide platform-specific templates so that we can get finer-grained control of the UX for desktop vs. phone?

A: Design templates (similar to what we had in Windows Phone: are planned to be included in UI for Windows Universal but at the moment no ETA.

Q: Can the Universal Map control integrate with Google maps to expand functionality?

A: Currently no, but we have ideas to improve the image data support.

Q: Are there any limitations on Windows Phone devices with the Universal controls? Any gotchas to know about on lower end devices?

A: Our controls shoot for minimum memory footprint and should work fine for any devices running Windows Runtime.

UI for Xamarin

Q: How do the Telerik UI for Xamarin controls render on old Android devices? I bet you guys tested it on all Android devices out there (on Telerik wall), but just curious and wanted to know your views/thoughts?

A: We’ve confirmed that UI for Xamarin works on Android devices that support API level 9 or later.

 Q: A suggestion/request to Telerik. Can you guys spin off a developer trial version with UI for Xamarin controls to like 90 Days (as a promotion to attract more people). That will be awesome and as an upcoming speaker at local user group for Xamarin,  I could play a bit and present at that meetup.

A: There is a 30 day free trial with UI for Xamarin over @

Q: When can we expect new controls to be added to the Telerik UI for Xamarin suite?

A: Much more coming in our roadmap; next update is in December 2014.

Q: Are the DLLs for Xamarin.Forms app available on NuGet?

A: Not at the moment; but we will consider this for future iterations.

Q: Are you guys thinking of breaking out the UI for Xamarin controls as a separate package outside of DevCraft Ultimate?

A: UI for Xamarin remains part of DevCraft for now. In future, we intend to have this stand-alone in the Xamarin Marketplace. No ETA yet. 

Q: Do the Telerik UI for Xamarin controls work in Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio?

A: Both.

Q: Is there a Telerik Map control in the roadmap in UI for Xamarin?

A: None at the moment. Developers can submit feature suggestions on the UI for Xamarin Feedback Portal. Increase the priority of a Map by casting your vote:

Q: If I just wanted the UI for Xamarin controls, is DevCraft Complete the only way to purchase it?

A: For now yes. But we want to make our UI for Xamarin available on Xamarin Marketplace in future.

Q: While using the charts for Xamarin, can we set background images for either the chart or series background through the control? Or do we have to insert an image behind it considering the different image management methods for the different platforms?

A: Overlaying the Chart with an image behind it is the recommended approach.

Q: Do you plan to release a Xamarin compatible version of PdfProcessing?

A: We are researching the opportunity. Hopefully next year.

Q: Is there any way you can load the iOS emulator on the main machine as opposed to remoting to the Mac build machine?

A: If you are on a Mac, then yes :) True iOS packaging and deployment needs a Mac build host.

Q: Can the UI for Xamarin be purchased separately? I already have DevCraft Complete.

A: It is included in DevCraft Ultimate. 

Q: Did you have plan to add others Xamarin controls?

A: Yes, absolutely. Please stay tuned to our roadmaps.

Q: Can apps written using the Telerik UI for Xamarin also be published as Windows Store apps (so for Win 8.1 desktop as well as phone)?

A: As of now, Xamarin Forms works X-Plat for Windows Phone only. This is a Xamarin restriction.

Q:  Are the Telerik UI Xamarin components compatible with the latest version of Android? 

A: Yes.

Enterprise Features

Q: Are there other capabilities of the Word document processing other than converting file types?  It would be good to see.

A: Yes, the library allows generation from scratch and edition of documents.

Q: What does the Progress acquisition of Telerik mean to me?

A: By becoming part of a larger, public company, customers will benefit from Telerik having the support and resources to accelerate development and create a tighter connection with customers on a local basis. Progress has more than 20 offices worldwide, which will further enhance the reach of Telerik products. Furthermore, Progress has over 30 years of experience serving the demanding needs of enterprise customers.

Q: Does the RADSpread Processing provide tools to read and write to specific cells in a xls spreadsheet using standard cell references or names?

A: Yes, you can use cell references and names in a workbook. Xls is not one of the supported file formats for import however, but Xlsx is.

Q: Can you do Word Mail-merge in RadWordProcessing and can you run Macros in RadSpreadProcessing?

A: Mail merge is supported. Macros are not supported, since they are usually executed and preserved in the application, not the document.

Q: Does the PDF exporter support any PDF-A standard?

A: Not at this point.

Q: Is it possible to manage the styles of generated Word documents with a centrally provided set of styles? Updating to changed style from a central position would be nice too.

A: All styles are preserved in the style repository of the document and can be changed/removed from there.

Q: Does the WordsProcessing Component to easily create a template-based document generator, especially on the server?

A: Yes, you can use the mail-merge feature on the server.

Q: Will we be able to customize what pages of the document are to be exported to PDF or is it only a complete document conversion?

A: Yes, removing some of the pages from a fixed document prior export to PDF is possible.

Q: Are we able to add/see comments in the docx files using WordsProcessor?

A: Yes, comments are supported.

Q: What kind of source files can PdfFormatProvider handle? For example: is it possible to open an HTML file and create a PDF from it?

A: Direct conversion between flow and fixed documents is not available at this point.

Q: If I use Wordsprocessing, is there a way to take advantage of finding and replacing text within a document?

A: Not at this point, but the functionality should be available in one of the next releases.

Q: How does RadPDFProcessor compair to iTextSharp. I am wanting to start looking into iTextSharp but if Telerik has a competitor, then I'm all in with Telerik.

A: RadPdfProcessing supports most major features ( needed to build a fixed document and it comes with quality that you expect from any Telerik product. You also get to use the outstanding support for any issues you might encounter.


Hopefully, you’ve seen just how quickly and easily you can use the Telerik UI control suite to go mobile! We covered a variety of products from ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Universal, Xamarin and Document Processing for ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF and WinForms. We’d love to hear your feedback or ideas on what you’d like to see in the future. Whether its new controls or additional features, feel free to leave feedback in our feedback portal. As a friendly reminder, don’t forget to download your own copy of the controls shown in this session right now!


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