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CodeItLive Summer Break

Entering the last third of the year, we thought we’d hit the pause button and take some time to reflect on our streaming year. Time for a CodeItLive break!

What happened on CodeItLive over the previous two thirds of 2021? Well, we welcomed some absolutely awesome guests, who helped us cover hot topics, answered beginners’ and seasoned pros’ questions and contributed to the overall conversations in the tech space.

We met so many new cool people in the CodeItLive chat, some of whom also appeared on our shows.

Overall, we’ve had an epic time on CodeItLive … and now we’ll take some time to rest and reflect, and plan the next portion of epic streams—all through September, October, November and December!

That means this month will be more of a sporadic one on CodeItLive for our regular weekly shows. We will host some special events, however—because we can’t really stay away from CodeItLive for too long.

Here is what you can expect:

But for the most part our hosts will take a break from regular streaming, so you can expect JS Girl in a .NET World to return fresh in September, The Blazor Power Hour to hop on maybe once or twice and be back with full throttle in September, and the .NET Dev Show and the CodeItLive Chat Show to take a break until it’s time to kick things off again… you guessed it, in September, too.

Since we are taking a bit of a break, we hope you are enjoying your summer and get to enjoy or have already enjoyed some good old rest & relaxation.

And if you’d like to keep CodeItLive close regardless of the break, we have prepared a list with some of our favorite past streams and collections to enjoy while we’re away.

Surfing in .NET MAUI

Sam Basu welcomed some of the people who care about .NET Maui the most for a full day of informative streams on the topic. You can watch all the session in this playlist.

Blazing Into Summer

Ed Charbeneau and his awesome guests filled a whole week with Blazor content – from the latest updates, to useful insights and tutorials, all the way to what the future holds for the hot new Microsoft framework.

JS Girl in a .NET World

Alyssa Nicoll embarked on a journey into the .NET World, learning all the basics on the way! Catch up on where she’s gotten so far.

React Wednesdays

TJ VanToll & Dan Wilson hosted an all-day edition of their hit show – React Wednesdays. They covered a wide variety of topics over 8 sessions with awesome React Techies – from Modernizing ENT React apps to Advanced GraphQL and so much more, throw yourself back into it all.


Angular Walkabout: Beginners WELCOME!

Alyssa Nicoll, the awesome Angularite she is, produced a full day of much-needed beginner-friendly Angular content with the help of some of her awesome friends. They covered the basics, so make sure to dip a toe in Angular with all the recordings of the day’s sessions.

We hope you enjoy your August and we are looking forward to hanging out with you on CodeItLive again in September! 

 Ivana Dimitrova
About the Author

Ivana Dimitrova

Ivana was a social media specialist, part of the Developer Relations team here at Progress.

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