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Back to the Future: Leveraging the speed of ASP.NET


A deep dive into ASP.NET Core

Wed,  august 18 |
11:00 am ET |

A full-day of ASP.NET awesomeness for FREE!


Are you ready?

It's time to set the clock, hit full throttle and go back to the future to learn how to leverage the speed of ASP.NET! Prepare for an awesome long stream with some top notch folks who know the ins and outs of ASP.NET and are excited about it! We're starting with Minimal APIs in .NET 6, basic communication patterns & advanced conversational patterns, .NET Core implementation of gRPC and more! Let's jump in the time machine together and dive into some key focus areas for devs! 

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  • Familiar faces from the ASP.NET world
  • Live coding & awesome demos
  • Insightful developer conversations
  • 100% free & livestreamed to Twitch
  • Hang out & chat with experts
  • Engage & win prizes
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Meet Our Speakers

Wed August 18

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (ET)

Getting Started with Minimal APIs


Khalid Abuhakmeh | @buhakmeh
Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Join Khalid as he guides us through Minimal APIs with ASP.NET. .NET 6 introduces minimal APIs for hosting and routing in web applications. These streamlined APIs provide the benefits of ASP.NET MVC with less ceremony.



Wed August 18

12:30 PM - 14:00 PM (ET)

Effective Microservice Communication and Conversation Patterns


Jimmy Bogard | @jbogard
Chief Architect at Headspring

Jimmy looks at some basic communication patterns to see where we might run into problems and how advanced conversational patterns can help. He’ll walk you through some real-world scenarios to demonstrate how complex coordination and conversation patterns can get services communicating effectively while retaining our all-important autonomy and loose coupling.


Wed August 18

14:00 PM - 15:30 PM (ET)

What’s new with gRPC in ASP.NET


Sourabh Shirhatti | @sshirhatti
Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft

Sourabh Shirhatti is part of the ASP.NET team at Microsoft working on the .NET Core implementation of gRPC. In this talk, we'll cover what’s new with the gRPC library for ASP.NET. and showcase the productivity and performance benefits introduced by the gRPC with .NET.





Meet Your Hosts

 Ed Charbeneau


Ed Charbeneau | @EdCharbeneau
Prin. Dev Advocate | Progress Software


Ed Charbeneau is a web enthusiast, speaker, writer, design admirer, and Developer Advocate for Telerik. He has designed and developed web-based applications for business, manufacturing, systems integration as well as customer-facing websites. Ed enjoys geeking out to cool new tech, brainstorming about future technology, and admiring great design. Ed's latest projects can be found on GitHub.


 Sam Headshot



Sam Basu | @samidip
Dev Advocate | Progress Software


Sam Basu is a technologist, author, speaker, Microsoft MVP, gadget-lover and Progress Developer Advocate for Telerik products. With a long developer background, he now spends much of his time advocating modern web/mobile/cloud development platforms on Microsoft/Telerik technology stacks. His spare time calls for travel, fast cars, cricket and culinary adventures with the family. You can find him on the internet.

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