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Pest Control: Monday Debugging & Testing

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We are diving into all things testing & debugging with an awesome cast of streamers. You'll see some of our regulars but also some new faces cover a variety of topics from the world of testing & debugging to help you make sure that your apps are awesome, run smoothly and you can keep an eye on their performance most efficiently. 

Read on to catch what we have planned and add the topics you're most interested in to your calendars.

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Mon Oct 11

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET)


Debugging your UI with Chrome DevTools

Alyssa Nicoll | @AlyssaNicoll

Alyssa is a DevRel here at Progress and she is passionate about all things UI/UX related. One of the earliest things she learned how to do in the front-end is to debug UI problems using Chrome DevTools. There are some pretty sweet tricks to learn that will have you debugging your CSS with ease. Or is that ease-in. 💀 Come join us for an entertaining and educational debug session!




11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET)


Mystery Session

Ramiro Millan | Director, Product Management, Progress | Telerik Test Studio

Ramiro has prepared a surprise session to share interesting insight into Telerik Test Studio. Keep your eyes open for more details coming soon!



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We are really excited that we get to share insight into testing & debugging. But we are also excited that we have a couple of surprises up our sleeve. So sign up now to receive updates and news on some more sessions and reminders about the event. 




Past Sessions

Advanced Fiddler Techniques

Sam Basu | @samidip & Robert Boedigheimer | @boedie

Sam Basu and Robert Boedigheimer demonstrating some advanced Telerik Fiddler techniques!


When Inspecting Your Traffic Isn't Enough

Eve Turzillo | @evietur

In this session, you'll gain an understanding of why just inspecting your network is not enough for debugging anymore with the onset of experimental programming languages, security vulnerabilities, and inevitable coding errors. We'll explore the roadblocks you encounter when testing mobile apps and websites. In this talk, we'll uncover how using a tool like Fiddler Everywhere allows you to go beyond inspecting traffic to manipulate requests and responses, simulate network latency, and replay requests to debug backend methods..



Test Studio - Bug-Proofing Your Blazor/web Applications

Andy Wieland & Ed Charebenau | @EdCharbeneau

Let's dive into Test Studio and bug-proof your Blazor/web applications! Andy and Ed will talk about how you can test your Blazor applications with Telerik Test Studio.


Fiddler 101

Sam Basu & Eve Turzillo | @samidip & @evieturz

Sam Basu and Eve Turzillo unpacked and tinkered with the latest in Fiddler! There are two types of developers - folks who love Fiddler & those who haven't used it yet. Fiddler has evolved quite a bit to cater to various types of developer scenarios and enable teams to ship better software. All of the features you love about Fiddler now co-exist with new functionality and cross-platform workflows for web & client app development.


Reporting Basics & Debugging with Fiddler Jam

Alyssa Nicoll & Neli Torodova| @alyssanicoll

Neli took Alyssa on an awesome debugging journey using Fiddler Jam!

Along with her, you got to learn:

- How to sign up and Install the Fiddler Jam extension

- How to debug with Fiddler Jam

- Save/send traffic saved by Fiddler Jam

- Upcoming features to Fiddler Jam (Have screenshots/video while some requests are made.)



Photos from previous events


Telerik Party at DEVintersection! Join Us!

661 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Telerik is hosting a party at /BUILD 2016. Join us as we demo some brand new products and bring the latest in mobile, desktop and web tech—not to mention free drinks.