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    Expression Descriptors in Q3 2010 for WPF & Silverlight

    Another four months have gone by and another awesome release of RadControls has arrived! One of the exciting new features in this release are the so-called 'Expression Descriptors'. Previously, whenever our clients wanted to filter data but needed even more control than our good old FilterDescriptor could provide, they had to subclass it and override some of its methods. Even though that approach works, it is tedious and cumbersome. And, as much as LINQ Expressions rock, having to manually generate expression trees by hand... yuck! The new FilterDescriptor<T> allows you to directly plug a predicate that determines which items are filtered. You...
    November 11, 2010
  • Desktop WPF

    Evaluated (Calculated) Column for WPF/Silverlight RadGridView with IronPython

    The Dynamic Language Runtime (more info here) is a great way to spice up those boring old CLR applications. Not only has the DLR helped bring the dynamic keyword to C# 4, but it helps Python and Ruby live on top of .NET. Using the DLR and IronPython, it's relatively easy to craft a calculated column, giving you the power to execute IronPython expressions over your data objects. What's more, you can import Python modules such as math, datetime, etc. You can download the source code for this example here. The exact same code can be used for both Silverlight and WPF....
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    Introducing Cell Copy & Paste in RadGridView for WPF+Silverlight

    Our upcoming 2010 Q2 version packs a lot of goodies. One of them is the totally revamped Clipboard support in RadGridView for WPF and Silverlight. Made possible by cell selection which will also be introduced in Q2, the new and improved Clipboard capability is both robust, easy to use and very extensible. By default, users can both copy and paste cells. However, the RadGridView has two additional properties - ClipboardCopyMode and ClipboardPasteMode, which provide thorough control over Clipboard operations. You will be able to choose whether users can copy cells, column headers and/or column footers, or control how pasting works - skip...
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    How to: Validate data with SL/WPF RadGridView Part II – asynchronous validation on item/row level via RIA services and INotifyDataErrorInfo interface

    In my previous post I’ve tried to explain RadGridView validation mechanism and support for 2 layers of validation (UI and Data) for a property/cell level. RadGridView exposes same events on a row level too (RowValidating, RowValidated and RowEditEnded). Since this theory you can find on our online help I’ll begin with the interesting stuff - asynchronous validation example.   I’m glad to announce that with the next (2010.Q2) version RadGridView will support asynchronous validation. By asynchronous validation I mean that RadGridView can save a value in its collection and from somewhere (server side usually) to receive a message that this value doesn’t pass some...