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    How To: Telerik Silverlight components in Microsoft LightSwitch Beta 2

    Have you seen Microsoft LightSwitch ? If not you should try it! This is definitely a simpler way to create high-quality business applications for the desktop and the cloud. While the built-in interface (standard Microsoft Silverlight components) can be used as a start when creating applications you will definitely need custom screens depending on your business scenario and I’ve decided to show you can easily integrate Telerik RadControls for Silverlight in Microsoft LightSwitch Beta 2.
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    ListView style for your Silverlight and WPF DataGrid

    Have you ever wondered how to create a grid with sorting, filtering, etc. however present items in similar to Windows Explorer ListView way?   With Telerik components for Silverlight and WPF this can be achieved very easily in just three steps:   1. Edit RadGridView style with Blend and remove GridViewScrollViewer from the template:   2. Insert RadTileView in the grid template, bind it to the RadGridView Items and define desired tile content:     3. Run the application to check the...
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    RadGridView for Silverlight and WPF performance compared to Silverlight and WPF DataGrid

    Just before our upcoming Q1 2011 release (next week) I’ve decided to check RadGridView performance compared to standard Silverlight and WPF DataGrid components and to test this I’ve declared a TabControl with two tabs - RadGridView in the first tab and a standard DataGrid in the second. Both grids are bound to collection with 1 million records. Having a collection with 1 million objects with many properties (for example 1000 properties) will consume a lot of memory and the creation will be insanely slow and that is why I’ve decided to turn off auto-generated columns for both grids and add desired...
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    Server sorting and filtering with WCF RIA Services and Telerik Data Virtualization for Silverlight

    I’m happy to announce that with our upcoming service pack (Q3 2010 SP1) you will be able to sort, filter and load records on demand with WCF RIA Services and our VirtualQueryableCollectionView.   To enable this we’ve added two extension methods for EntityQuery<T> and now you can use directly VirtualQueryableCollectionView SortDescriptors and FilterDescriptors: var context = new NorthwindDomainContext(); var query = context.GetOrder_DetailsQuery().OrderBy(o => o.OrderID); var view = new VirtualQueryableCollectionView() { LoadSize = 10, VirtualItemCount = 100 }; view.ItemsLoading += (s, e) => { var queryToLoad = query .IncludeTotalCount(true) ...
    December 09, 2010
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    PDF export with RadGridView for Silverlight Q3 2010

    I’m happy to announce that with our just released Q3 2010 you will be able to export RadGridView to PDF using our Documents Format Providers: For more info download this demo application. Enjoy!...
    November 11, 2010