Have you seen Microsoft LightSwitch? If not you should try it! This is definitely a simpler way to create high-quality business applications for the desktop and the cloud.

While the built-in interface (standard Microsoft Silverlight components) can be used as a start when creating applications you will definitely need custom screens depending on your business scenario and I’ve decided to show you can easily integrate Telerik RadControls for Silverlight in Microsoft LightSwitch Beta 2:

1) Create new LightSwitch project and connect to some data source: 


2) Switch to File View in your Solution Explorer, add references to desired Telerik assemblies, add new UserControl and build the project:


3) Add new screen, change the default DataGrid to a custom control and add references (again) to desired Telerik assemblies:

* Notice the GridView and Office_Blue theme assemblies are missing even that I’ve added them. Weird!


4) Declare desired Telerik component(s) in the UserControl (in my case RadGridView with RadDataForm): 

5) Run the application and check the result:




About the Author

Vladimir Enchev

is Director of Engineering, Native Mobile UI & Frameworks


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