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    RadControls in Safari for Windows

    Like it or not, another browser has been added to the list of Windows browsers that you need to test your application against before deploying to production. Apple's release of Safari for Windows is unlikely to to win a lot of converts from FireFox and IE, but if your application must be widely available to as many users as possible it cannot be ignored in your testing. One of the advantages of using RadControls in your projects is Telerik's dedication to delivering cross browser compatibility. And even though Safari on Windows is still a beta product (thus not officially supported by...
    June 18, 2007
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    Register for new WebCast today (really)

    I am happy to announce that I will be doing another WebCast with Joe Stagner at Microsoft this Thursday, May 31st at 9:00 AM PST (Noon EST). After the massive success of our last WebCast (which is still available for download), we arranged to make another appearance in the "Live from Redmond" WebCast series to address a common ASP.NET developer scenario. The WebCast, titled "Do-it-yourself forums", will show you how you can use RadGrid, RadTreeView, RadEditor, and RadAjax "Prometheus" (the version based on ASP.NET AJAX) to build a simple forum application in less than 60 minutes. If fact, here is a brief...
    May 29, 2007
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    New Best Practice: Ajaxifying UserControls

    One of the features added to RadAjax "Prometheus" in the recent service pack was a new control called the RadAjaxManagerProxy. This control enables you to easily Ajaxify controls in your UserControls without worrying about adding multiple RadAjaxManagers to a page. Most RadAjax developers would probably say that Ajaxifying UserControls is one of the more difficult aspects of adding Ajax to an ASP.NET application. Even with good documentation, it is difficult to decide whether you should add an AjaxManager to each UserControl or handle all UserControl Ajax settings programmatically from a parent container. The big drawback of the later option (which is usually the...
    May 24, 2007
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    Extending Sitefinity's blogging tools (WebCast)

    One of the fun new features of Sitefinity 3.0 is its out of the box support for adding blogs to your website. The Blogs module is one of five included with the first release of Sitefinity 3.0 (the others being Lists, News, Polls, and Generic Content) and it has all of the basic tools you need to quickly start a blog (such as post list and single post view).If you've been using a different blogging platform and you are considering switching to Sitefinity (like I am doing with Telerik Watch), you find there are some blogging tools that don't exist in...
    May 22, 2007
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    Adding Google Gadgets to Sitefinity

    With the official release of Sitefinity 3.0 yesterday, a whole new world of easy web development has been opened-up for ASP.NET web developers. Sitefinity allows you to forget about "basic" website plumbing (like user management, caching, and site management) and instead focus on adding content and modules to your site that are unique to your business. Using Sitefinity as a starting point, you can have a powerful, easy to manage site up and running in a day instead of a week (or more). One of the easiest ways to extend the functionality of Sitefinity is by creating UserControls (the plain 'ol .ASCX variety) that...
    May 17, 2007