I am happy to announce that I will be doing another WebCast with Joe Stagner at Microsoft this Thursday, May 31st at 9:00 AM PST (Noon EST). After the massive success of our last WebCast (which is still available for download), we arranged to make another appearance in the "Live from Redmond" WebCast series to address a common ASP.NET developer scenario.

The WebCast, titled "Do-it-yourself forums", will show you how you can use RadGrid, RadTreeView, RadEditor, and RadAjax "Prometheus" (the version based on ASP.NET AJAX) to build a simple forum application in less than 60 minutes. If fact, here is a brief overview of what we'll be doing in the WebCast:
  1. I will prepare a simple SQL Express database and data access layer that will be used to work with forum data (using Visual Studio TableAdapters).
  2. Then I will use the RadGrid and RadTreeView controls and quickly build the forum’s UI.
  3. RadEditor, Telerik’s award winning HTML editor for the web, will also be used to enter new posts in the forum.
  4. On top of it all, the forums application will be Ajaxified with ASP.NET AJAX to make it extra quick and responsive (I'll be showing the new and cool RadAjaxManagerProxy).
Forums are a great tool to add to any site that supports a community of users, but it is often a daunting task to actually add them to a site. Third party solutions are often hard to configure and customize, and solutions from scratch usually take too long to build. With the RadControls, though, you can build forums that sport a powerful UI that leverage the latest web technologies (in this case, ASP.NET AJAX) in no time at all.

The event will be live and it will likely be popular, so don't wait to register. Our last WebCast filled-up quickly, so click here to reserve your spot in the Live Meeting right now. See you online soon!

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