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    Optimization Tips: Optimizing Custom Skins

    Welcome back to my ongoing series on optimizing the Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. For those that are counting, this is the fifth installment in the series, so if you've missed the first four parts I suggest you go back and read them now. This article builds on some of the concepts we've covered previously, so a sound understanding of the earlier concepts is a plus. And before you get confused, you won't find the other installments on blogs.telerik.com. Up to now, this series has been running on my popular Telerik Watch blog, but going forward all installments will be...
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    I'm back online - Another blog to follow

    Hello all! It has been quite a while since I last posted on the official Telerik Blogs. The reasons and excuses range from technical problems to unbelievable busyness, but I won't bore you with them here. What is important is that I've restored my connectivity to the Telerik Blogs and I fully intend to begin making regular updates here in the future. If you purged this blog from your feed readers in my absence, be sure to re-add it so you won't miss a thing. In the mean time, while I haven't been active on these blogs, I haven't been absent from the...
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    How To: Format RadGrid PDFs

    On Monday, I showed you some the new settings in RadGrid 5 the enable you to control certain aspects exported PDFs. We looked at how you can easily set the PDF's metadata, change its filename, and even control the PDF's security settings. All of these settings- along with the ability to force the PDF to open in a new window- can be set with a single property in the Grid's new ExportSettings configuration block. What we didn't look at on Monday is how you can control the formatting of your exported PDFs. Today we'll take a look at how you can customize...
    September 19, 2007
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    First Look: RadGrid 5 PDF Export (updated)

    By now you probably know that one of the biggest new features in RadGrid 5.0 is support for export to PDF. For quite some time, RadGrid has supported direct export to Microsoft Word and Excel formats, but the addition of PDF export elevates the Grid's exporting capabilities to unprecedented levels. Using the new export feature couldn't be easier. As with previous export formats, all that is required is a call to a single simple RadGrid method: this.RadGrid1.MasterTableView.ExportToPdf();When you call this method, all of the data in the Grid is exported to a new PDF that the users can then save to their local...
    September 17, 2007
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    RadEditor Prometheus up to 76 percent faster

    For months now we have been talking about the new RadEditor being built in the "Prometheus" suite and how it is going to be the best version of RadEditor to date. Today an early preview of that work was released in the "Prometheus" Futures build and made available for general testing in the Telerik community. Obviously, the version that was released today looks a lot different from the final version that will be released- dialogues are still rough, features are unpolished, and some features are missing- but it is still a great look at what's coming. Today I ran the RadEditor Futures release build through...
    August 30, 2007