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    Colossal Q1 2015 Release for Telerik UI for WinForms

    Q1 2015 is here packed with a lot of new stuff including four new controls, new Visual Studio templates, plenty of new features in RadChartView (six new series, annotations, inverse axis and so on), and the official release of RadPdfProcessing. Make sure you give it a try.
    February 26, 2015
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    Q3 2014 SP1 for WinForms Features the RTM of RichTextEditor and New Chart Series

    Q3 2014 SP1 is now here this blog post aimsto share with you what’s in it. With this release we have addressed over 200 feedback items (see our Release Notes), RichTextEditor is getting official, we have added two new chart series to RadChartView – bezier and bubble and we are fully compatible with all versions of Visual Studio 2013 (including the Community Edition) and with Windows 10 Technical preview. Read below of the rest of the goodies that come with this release.
    December 04, 2014
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    What’s New in Handling Dates in Your Application’s Editors?

    With Q2 2014 we introduced a great number of highly requested features enhancing your end user’s experience with dates and time. In this blog post I will share more details about the improvements and how you can easily enable them in your applications.
    September 12, 2014
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    WinForms Scaling at Large DPI Settings–Is It Even Possible?

    As you have probably heard, Microsoft introduced support for DPI scaling per monitor in Windows 8.1. You have also probably noticed that after you’ve upgraded to Windows 8.1 a number of your applications got blurry on high-DPI displays. With this blog we will try to explain why this happened and how the scaling works both in the context of the operating system and in the context of WinForms. We will also try to give you some hints of how to develop DPI-aware WinForms applications.
    February 11, 2014