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    First Look at RadNumericBox for Windows 8–HTML

    Hello and welcome to the second part of our “Getting Started” with Telerik’s Windows 8 UI Controls. In this post, we are going to specifically target Windows 8 Applications built using HTM5/JS/CSS3 and our new control suite. We are going to look at RadNumericBox and the various ways of adding it to a page, binding the control declarative and even wiring up event handlers. Let’s get started. Setting up Your Development Environment. Before diving in, you will need to setup your development environment. I created a “From Soup to Nuts” post that contains this information here. After that is complete...
    August 21, 2012
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    RadControls for WPF Control Suites is ready for VS2012 RTM! Are you?

    IntroductionHere at Telerik, we live on the cutting edge. We were the first vendor to release controls for a variety of Microsoft technologies, including RadControls for Windows Phone and RadControls for Metro. We also pride ourselves for being compatible with the latest version of Microsoft’s IDE. We are happy to announce today that RadControls for WPF fully support Visual Studio 2012 RTM.To get started using the new controls log into your account and select the product you are interested in or use the new control panel to grab them all at once.Let’s Take a Quick Look at VS2012 RTM and our RadControlsOnce everything...
    August 15, 2012
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    From Soup to Nuts with RadControls for Metro (HTML5)

    Introduction Hello and welcome to one of our first blog posts on “Getting Started” with RadControls for Metro. In this “From Soup to Nuts” post, we are going to specifically target Metro Applications built using HTM5L/JS/CSS3 and RadControls for Metro. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge to get started building your first application.   Setting up Your Development Environment Before getting started, you will need to download the following items: The Windows 8 Release Preview can be downloaded from the Windows 8 Download Center. You will need to be running Windows 8 in order to build Metro Style Applications. On August 15th, the...
    August 07, 2012
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    Why Would you Want to Write Applications for Windows 8 Now?

    Introduction Last week, we had our first Windows 8 webinar titled, “Why build for Windows 8 and how RadControls for Metro can help.” One question that we attempted to answer is, “Why build for Windows 8 now?” “Why not wait until a future date when the platform is more stable?” These questions are valid from a consumer and an enterprise point-of-view and I’ll try to explain why we believe that you should start writing applications for Windows 8 today.   4 Solid Reasons to Start Building Today Reason #1: You are building for the next generation of the most popular operating system in...
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    Slides, Source Code and Video to the “RadControls for Metro - Windows 8” Webinar Now Available

    Introduction Hello everyone, We wanted to thank you all for attending the Windows 8 Webinar yesterday. As we promised in the webinar all of the materials are now available for you to download and explore on your own. If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment below. We’d also suggest that you download the RadControls for Metro if you haven’t already. For those that couldn’t attend, What is RadControls for Metro? RadControls for Metro is the toolset for building Metro apps that run on tablets and large screens no matter if you are coming from the XAML or HTML/JavaScript...