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    How to Create Mobile-Ready WebForms Applications 101

    Developing for the mobile platform is all the rage right now – and rightfully so! I, for one, am tired of having either an experience that plain does not work on my device or having to zoom in and scroll around just to look up some quick information (time tables for busses are my nemesis). There are a few ways to develop against mobile devices like creating a web application that works in the devices browser, creating a hybrid application using HTML and a framework like PhoneGap, or just go plain native. As ASP.NET developers most likely we’ll want take...
    October 16, 2012
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    Quick Tips for Browser Dev Tools – The Console

    Browser developer tools have been around for quite some time now, yet a surprising amount of current, or people looking in to becoming, web developers are unaware of them. This is why I wanted to spend some time on creating a short series looking at, what I think, are the important items to know about these great tools. This is actually the last post out of the series with part one covering the element inspector ant network resources, and part two going over the scripts tab. Today I want to take a look in to the all mighty console which is...
    October 10, 2012
  • .NET Mobile JavaScript

    Why Is Your Web Page Not Behaving as Expected – Troubleshooting Web Page Scripts

    In my last blog post of this series I covered the element inspector and network resources tab of modern day web browsers’ developer tools. Although there is a large set of what I like to call “modern” web browsers out there I decided to only take a look at three of them; Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9. Today I want to continue this series and cover another useful aspect of web development tools – the Scripts tab. This tab not only allows you to inspect all of the JavaScript that has been downloaded to the client, it also allows you to...
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    Just Like a Second Birthday – Telerik’s Controls for ASP.NET AJAX and Visual Studio 2012 RTM

    It’s not every day you get to talk about the newest RTM release of Visual Studio, but once in a blue moon (OK, every two years or so ;)) you are lucky enough to be able to say “it’s finally here” to the latest iteration of the .NET developer’s favorite IDE. Much like your birthdays as a kid where you awoke with much glee and excitement to find some of your most requested toys (Power Rangers Megazoid anyone?) many of us arrive to our offices (or for those of you working from home, roll out of bed :D) and start...
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    Fresh off the Press – “Time-Saving Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASPNET 4.5” Free E-book

    Save Time Josh and myself have spent quite a lot of time with Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.NET 4.5 and have stumbled across some really awesome gems that we wanted to share with the developer community. So we took these gems and put together an ebook called "Time-Saving Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASPNET 4.5”. This ebook contains an overview of the features that we found to be the most helpful and that overall help you as a developer do one thing; save time. Whether it be actually reducing the amount of code you have to write to achieve a certain functionality,...