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    ASP.NET Ajax Controls in ASP.NET MVC - Announcing the sample application

    I am glad to announce that yesterday we released a public sample application built with RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax, ASP.NET MVC and Telerik OpenAccess. You can check the online demo, or download the source code. This application is a basic online forum which uses RadControls in ASP.NET and demonstrates integration with ASP.NET MVC. Here are a few screens from the forum: The "home" page (uses RadTreeView, RadGrid and RadMenu) The "new thread" page (shows RadEditor)
    January 16, 2009
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    Don't store ASP.NET controls in Session, Application or Cache

    In some cases you may end up with the following exception when working with RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax: "Script controls may not be registered after PreRender." The explanation of this error is simple - some UI control implementing the IScriptControl interface (e.g. any control from the RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax suite) is stored in the Session, Application or Cache and then is added in some live controls collection. Here is an...
    September 19, 2008
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    RadTreeView for ASP.NET Ajax Load On Demand Modes - why so many?

    In my previous blog post I told you how the Web Service load on demand mode of RadTreeView delivers the best performance. A logical question arises - why we have the other load on demand modes (server side postback and callback) if they do not perform on par with the Web Service mode. The answer is not that obvious. The truth is every load on demand mode has its pros and cons. The following table describes visually the load on demand modes according to three criterions - performance, templates support, ease of...
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    Web Resources demystified: Part 3 (Troubleshooting)

    In this post I will show you how to troubleshoot Web Resource related problems and how to deal with them. If you are using an ASP.NET server control with rich client-side behavior it is likely built to utilize web resources. Sometimes your page loads and that rich server side control does not work at all - the tree view does not expand, the grid cannot sort etc. Most of the times this is because the JavaScript files of those controls have failed to load. If your browser is configured to prompt on JavaScript errors you may see the following error messages: "RadTreeView...
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    Packaging resources for web parts

    Hi. My name is Atanas Korchev and I am a Product Manager here at telerik. I am involved in the development of r.a.d.controls MCMS Edition and r.a.d.editor SharePoint Edition. On this blog I will be sharing my experience with Microsoft SPS and WSS and Microsoft Content Management Server 2002, as well as anything else I find interesting. So here it goes… My first entry is about packaging resources for web parts. Web parts are deployed in most cases as CAB (Microsoft cabinet) files. A developer needs to package all web part files (manifest.xml, dwp files, assemblies or anything else) in a single cab file and distribute it. That file is then...
    October 04, 2005