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Can't get enough of ASP.NET Core? Learn what's new in ASP.NET Core, developer tools and more next week.

Earlier this week, we hosted a webinar with Shayne Boyer, a developer on the ASP.NET Core team: 360⁰ Guide to ASP.NET Core: Top Questions Answered. ASP.NET Core represents one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in the past 15 years building applications with ASP.NET. Developers have a lot of questions about how the changes impact them and how they should proceed. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce ASP.NET Core Week on the Telerik Developer Network (TDN). Starting December 5th, we’ll publish a new article each day of the week focused on ASP.NET Core and the new .NET ecosystem. Our goal is to better your understanding of ASP.NET Core; what it is, how it works, and how you take advantage of the improvements it provides.

ASP.NET Core Week will feature articles from the Progress Developer Relations team and experts in the .NET developer community. These articles will cover a wide range of topics to ensure you’re ready for ASP.NET Core today and in the future. Here’s a list of some of the topics we plan to cover:

  • ASP.NET Core essentials
  • ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core migration
  • ASP.NET Core deployment
  • Developer tools and workflows
  • Incorporating third-party controls into ASP.NET Core

We’d also love to answer your questions. Please post any questions you’d like to have our experts answer in the comments. During the week, we will hold a Slack chat where we will address these questions and other topics, the transcript of which will be posted on TDN next Friday.

ASP.NET Core represents an exciting evolution of ASP.NET and we’re eager to kickstart your learning through ASP.NET Core Week. Check back at TDN each day next week for the latest article.

In the meantime, post your questions to the team here and check out the numerous articles we’ve published about .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, and Visual Studio on this blog as well as on the Telerik Developer Network. And if you’re already in the midst of building an application on ASP.NET Core, you’ll definitely want to check out Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core, which features over 60 components powered by Kendo UI.

Update: All five posts are now live! Check them out below.

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John Bristowe

John Bristowe is a member of the Developer Relations team at Progress. He specialises in web and mobile app development.

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