Earlier today, I presented a webinar about Connecting to Data and Using Expression in Telerik Reporting. Thanks to everyone who attended and I hope you all learned something new. If you were unable to attend, the webinar has been recorded and is now available on Telerik TV. I've posted the link below.

An Overview of Connecting to Data and Using Expression in Telerik Reporting

The latest release of Telerik Reporting features two completely new data source components, the SqlDataSource component and the ObjectDataSource component. These components make it easy to bind to Business Objects or ADO.NET supported databases. Once a report has been bound to data using one of these components, expressions can be used throughout the report to display calculated values, format report items, etc. In this webinar, Developer Support Specialist Robert Shoemate will walk you through using these new components. During the walkthrough, you will learn different ways of binding to data and you will also learn how to filter the data returned through the use of parameters. Robert will also demonstrate several different ways you can use expressions in your reports. You will learn how to use calculated values, user-defined functions, conditional formatting, etc. Don’t miss it!

 Click here to watch this webinar on Telerik TV...

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