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Looking for more ways to visualize a busy schedule and help your users be more productive? The new Agenda view in Telerik UI for WPF and Silverlight gives you another powerful tool for your application.

The latest release brings the Agenda view to the WPF and Silverlight ScheduleView controls. We will make a deeper dive into what exactly an agenda view is in this blog and how it can fit in your application. To get an overview of what else is new in the release go to the R1 2020 release blog.

Time is the most important resource we have. Carefully and precisely managing it is crucial in our efforts to not waste it. The conundrum here is to balance how much time you spend managing it versus how much you have left for action after you are done managing. Enter RadScheduleView and the new tool in its toolbox, the Agenda view.

Getting Started with ScheduleView AgendaView

The agenda view offers an overview of how busy a day is. All the appointments are listed in chronological order without being aligned against a timeline. You can see all the things that are scheduled for the day and get an overview. To see the agenda view all you have to do is add a AgendaViewDefinition to the ViewDefinitions collection of RadScheduleView:

<telerik:RadScheduleView x:Name="radScheduleView">
<telerik:AgendaViewDefinition />

Agenda view first look

The Right View for the Right Job

There are two cases where the Agenda view can be highly useful. The first is when you want to see how busy a period is and what needs be done. The second case is when you want to see which days are busier and which ones have more free time or nothing at all. In the first case you do not care for days that have no appointments. You can use the ShowEmptyDays property to make the view better suited to these two cases.

<telerik:AgendaViewDefinition ShowEmptyDays="False" />

Show empty days turned on and off

In case there are no appointments for a given time period and ShowEmptyDays is false, a message will be shown in the agenda view to inform the users.

No appointments

AgendaView Styling and Localization

As with any component in the Telerik UI for WPF and Silverlight suites this one comes with all the available themes and with localization support. The English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch and Turkish translations come out of the box.

Agenda view localization and themes

Take Your Time Exploring

Agenda view for RadScheduleView for WPF and Silverlight is out now, take it for a spin and see how it can aid you in your time allocation. Download the latest version of your favorite Telerik UI suite from the Your Account area of our website. If you are a new to the Telerik UI suites, download a free trial.

Start your trial for: Telerik UI for WPF Telerik UI for Silverlight

As always, we would love to hear what you think about this or any other component and feature from the Telerik UI for WPF suite in our Feedback Portal.

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