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I’m sure you’ve already heard the great news about Telerik expansion and the new Telerik Automated Testing Tools division. I am excited to share what we worked on and produced for the last couple of months.

New Release

The latest Telerik release that went live this week added a completely new tool to Telerik’s automated testing product line. The new QA Edition is tailored for QA Professionals. The QA Edition is a standalone tool that allows QAs to freely create, execute and maintain their tests without having to install Visual Studio. If you are a developer and you want something much faster and lightweight than VS, then the Standalone tool is worth trying.


The QA Edition is a WPF application with interface built on top of the latest and greatest RadControls for WPF. This allowed us to configure and build intuitive and easy-to-use UI. Additionally, the rich built-in functionality of RadControls will let us quite easily add new cool features in the Test Studio’s future updates. WebUI Test Studio QA Edition will also benefit from the new controls coming out in the suite in future.



Feature List

The Standalone tool functionality mimics the VS plug-in as much as possible. This means with the QA Edition you can practically do everything you’re able to do with the Dev Edition and even more. These are some of the key features:

· Rich Highlighting Surface

· DOM Explorer for HTML & Silverlight (Visual Tree)

· Element Menu for rich on the spot recordings

· Quick Tasks for dynamic verifications

· Data Driven Testing

· Silverlight Support

· AJAX Support

· ASP.NET MVC support

· Automatic Synchronization Steps

· Command line execution support

· Build Server Integration (CruiseControl, TeamBuildServer, TeamCity)

· Results Management using a results calendar*

· Test List Management that supports ordering*

*These are specific to the QA Edition only.

Tight QA <-> Developer Collaboration

Even though this is QA Edition’s debut, we did our best to ship everything needed for large teams, including the option for Devs and QAs to collaborate. This means developers and QAs can now work on the very same test projects in both the Standalone tool and the VS plug-in:

· Create, execute and edit the same tests

· Execute the tests on environments/browsers

Source-control your tests – the QA Edition comes with a TFS plugin!



The Developer Edition Update

The 2010.1 release updates the good old VS plug-in as well. The first change you’ll notice is the missing hosted browser. Although it seems useful at the beginning, it is actually a bad habit to use it instead of the in-browser recorder which is more reliable and intuitive to use. Now we all have more space in Visual Studio for the large tests and additional windows (Elements Explorer, Properties).



We haven’t removed the DOM Explorer – you can now find it and even dock it along with the browser on recording.


Feedback and Support

You’ve already had a chance to run the tool and want to share your feedback? We will be happy to get in touch with you either in the forums or via support tickets.

You can also join our webinars where you can see weekly live demos. Keep monitoring our TV portal as well – all WebUI Test Studio videos will be posted there.

Additionally, here are a few resources from our website:

· Overview/main benefits of the new QA Edition.

· Full list of feature of the new QA Edition.

· Screenshot gallery

· Downloads

(The Developer and QA Editions come with one installation).

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks.




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