Thor Kornbrek
Software Engineer,
Pizza Pro Software, LLC

Working with KendoReact has made it easier to develop high-value solutions. This allows me to focus on business needs vs. building the components.

Terence Wight
Engineering Manager,

This is a very mature product and an excellent addition to any React development toolkit.

Mikko Harju
Taiste Oy

We evaluated different component libraries for use in our fairly large React-based web application we have been building for a couple of years. Integrating Kendo was a breeze – in just about a day I was able to pull of a new view that pulls data from our backend, providing optional sorting, filtering and paging. The core abstractions are very well thought out at least for our use case. Many of the competitors were much more all-in-type of approach that needs to know everything about the data and the domain to become useful. KendoReact on the other hand just needs data to be passed in and it tells the surrounding world what the user wants to do and request modifications to the data. Just the way we want it!

Steven Chorkawy
Solution Analyst,
Corporation of The Municipality of Clarington

KendoReact was quick and easy to setup! No tinkering required. I imported my packages and BOOM! It works!


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