UI for WPF Q2 2013

June 12, 2013

All Controls

  • Touch always indicates swipe on more sensitive screens
  • The TextBoxBorder_Disabled resource throws anexception when using implicit styles in ExpressionDark Theme
  • Touch Improvements
  • The AnimationManager throws an exception when animation is triggered and the AnimationSelector is changed dynamically
  • SlideAnimation first run is not smooth – removed initial 100ms delay.
  • PopupPlacement raise Opened event multiple times.
  • Setting StyleManager.BasedOn in XAML cause design time error in VisualStudio 2012.
  • Added new EventToCommandBehavior class with support for multiple EventBindings.
  • Added EventBinding class to support event to command pattern.
  • Mouse up is called on touch up in Windows8


  • Add ValidationTooltip to RadAutoCompleteBox for all themes
  • Setting the FilteringBehavior of the AutoCompleteBox when it is in a DataTemplate is not working
  • When removing a selected item in SelectionMode="Multiple" LostFocus and GotFocus events are raised, but they should not be
  • Selecting part of the text with the mouse and then tabbing out deletes the selected text
  • First item is not highlighted if there are filtered items


  • Allow decoding of images containing additional info such as text


  • Header's texts are not displayed in Windows8 theme


  • Visual improvement of RadSplitButton
  • Refactor RadButton's AutomationPeers to work like native buttons


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support
  • Fixed a design-time exception in VS2012 designer
  • CurrentCulture's default decimal separator is replaced with '.' when calculations get executed
  • MemoryButtonsVisibility cannot be changed runtime


  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • The Automation ID of the date buttons cannot be found when make a test using CodedUI


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support


  • Add default color to striplines
  • Add support for double-click on the selection thumbs of the PanZoomBar
  • Expose PanOffsetChanged event
  • Expose ZoomChanged Event
  • Implement ActualVisibleRange property which corresponds to the actual visible range when chart is zoomed in
  • Implement CartesianMarkedZoneAnnotation
  • Implement CartesianCustomLineAnnotation
  • Implement CrosshairBehavior
  • Implement DragMode property for the ChartPanZoomBehavior
  • Implement UI virtualization for the CartesianPlotBandAnnotation so that its size does not get too large when zooming
  • Implement UI virtualization for MarkedZone and CustomLine annotations so that their size does not get too large when zooming
  • Introduce a ConvertDataToPoint method which converts data to physical units
  • Make it possible for CartesianCustomAnnotation to automatically get the axes (and track changes) from the chart if no axes are explicitly set
  • Implement Wheel-to-zoom feature
  • Implement PointSeries
  • CartesianChartGrid is not visible when a Background is set through the PlotAreaStyles
  • Make it possible for a legend item to show the Category of a DataPoint for an unbound Bar chart with DataPointLegendSettings
  • ChartView produces legend items for a DoughnutSeries with no LegendSettings
  • Setting a HoverMode does not affect the item labels of a series
  • PieChart does not produce a legend item for the last data point if its value is 0
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when a LabelDefinition Template is present
  • PieSeries labels are not positioned properly when changing the AngleRange runtime
  • AngleRange requires having all properties set ( StartAngle, SweepAngle, SweepDirection ) in order to have the Pie labels positioned correctly. When not setting either of the properties the labels are displaced
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when changing themes and ChartTrackBallBehavior.ShowIntersectionPoints is true
  • RadialAxisGridLineAnnotation is not collapsed when its Value is set to null
  • Candlestick/Ohlc items are not drawn correctly with negative values
  • LogarithmicAxis.ActualRange does not contain the actual range of the axis
  • Mouse interaction is suspended when using CartesianChartGrid with Light series


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support


  • Improve the stacking of PaletteViewItems
  • When selected with touch in Win8TouchTheme the item in the ColorPicker is not selected properly


  • Make the scrolling smooth with touch framework


  • Created new RadMenuGroupItem and RadMenuSeparatorItem.
  • Added handler for PopupCommands.Close and PopupCommands.CloseAll commands.
  • Added integration between RadDropDownButton/RadSplitButton and RadContextMenu.
  • Implemented scrolling in RadContextMenu.
  • Implemented ItemContainerTemplateSelector for MenuBase and RadMenuItem.
  • Added DropDownWidth and DropDownHeight properties to RadMenuItem.
  • Added InputGestureText property to RadMenuItem.
  • RadContextMenu is not closed when the ItemsSource is changed on ItemClick.
  • When you set a Windows8Touch Theme and then change it at runtime the FontSize is not changed correctly.
  • In most of the themes when you set Background property of a RadMenuItem, it is applied only on the Icon area.
  • In Windows8Touch Theme submenus do not have vertical border for the icon.
  • SubMenu stays open when you click over Separator in parent RadMenuItem.
  • RadMenuItem doesn't receive click in some cases when the template is changed.
  • Image put as an Icon of RadMenuItem is stretched in Windows8 theme, while in OfficeBlack (and other themes) it isn't.


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support
  • The EditorCreated event is fired twice when changing the item property name of an existing filter


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support
  • Added German localization
  • Added TypeConverter support
  • Added Keyboard navigation + extandability through a command provider
  • Improve MVVM support by adding command provider support
  • Corresponding navigation buttons are not active when AutoCommit="False", an item has been edited and delete button is clicked
  • RadDataForm with AutoCommit="False" gets into erroneous state when navigating away from unmodified item in edit mode
  • NullReferenceException caused by Add button when GridView is filtered and has collection synchronization with DataForm
  • Editors in manually-generated data fields does not get the default theme
  • LabelStyle DependencyProperty is not registered correctly
  • Cancel button should be enabled even if there are not pending changes
  • RadDataForm throws-design time exception in VS2012 WPF, when CustomCommandProvider is used


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support


  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • The drop down of the RadDatePicker is not closed when date selected with touch
  • ErrorTooltip is visible out of the frame if its content is big enough
  • The extension popup does not disappear when user move the window that contains the RadDatePicker
  • The name of the RadDropDownButton in the RadDateTimePicker in Expression_Dark theme is " DP" instead of "PART_DropDownButton"
  • SelectedValue doesn't clear after clearing the text in the RadDateTimePicker


  • Expose properties to control the Stroke and StrokeThickness of the Path element in the RadGeometryButtons
  • Improve print quality
  • Add ItemsChanging event
  • Provide possibility to use DragDropManager with the RadDiagram
  • Collapsible containers
  • Add public Export method
  • Connections creation using tools should be delayed
  • Implement an ability to display the SettingsPane only for certain diagram items
  • Extensibility points for SettingsPane
  • PreviewPositionChanged should be added
  • Zoom step customization
  • Change default zooming to be geometrical progression
  • BackgroundGrid mismatches the ruler
  • Can't delete associated connections with a shape
  • Ruler's values are not updated when Pan is performed through the NavigationPane
  • Undo/Redo Not working properly when GraphSourse is used
  • You can't use the Path/PencilTool in MVVM scenarios
  • Setting SnapX or SnapY to 1 hides ItemsToItems snapping lines
  • Cannot create a connection to restored shape
  • Auto opening of VS 2012's design view
  • In WPF a connection manipulation cannot be completed outside the bounds of the RadDiagram
  • The SelectionRectangle is show as a dot before first rectangle selection
  • Inconsistence in the ConnectionManipulationCompleted event logic
  • Offset property of connectors is not updated in data binding scenarios
  • The Target property is not set initially in MVVM scenarios


  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • Showing the compass is slow and when drag a pane, it is lagging
  • Problem with SerializationTags in Save/Load layout when RadDocking is placed into a DataTemplate
  • Right Click on Panes Content does not trigger ActivePaneChanged event
  • The theme is not applied on RadResizers when the StyleManager is used
  • When trying to reorder RadPanes that are placed inside another RadPane an exception is thrown
  • When object of MarshalByRefObject type is placed in the AutoHideArea its content is not clickable
  • Canceling PreviewShowCompass doesn't prevent the empty document host compass from showing
  • NullRefenrenceException if RadDocking's theme is defined at the same place where the control is used
  • Elements which don't belong to the RadDocking control can be dropped in it using DragDropManager
  • On the last Pane close the ActivePaneChanged event is not triggered, but the ActivePane is changed
  • Resizers are hidden behind RadPaneGroup if you have more RadPaneGroups inside RadSplitContainer of DocumentHost
  • When DragDropMode="Deferred" and there is some UI element in the RadPane's content the pane can be dragged by clicking on its content
  • Change AutoHideArea animations to start when the popup is loaded
  • Can drop in the middle of a pane group even if the compass is not shown (forbidden) in Windows8Touch theme
  • Drag causes NullReferenceException if a RadGridView is placed in nested RadPane/RadPaneGroups
  • When using Tab to navigate to the RadListBox it cycles through all items, instead of just the selected one


  • Touch DragAndDrop integration


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support
  • The Caret of RichTextBox within ExpressionEditor Caret stays black in Expression_Dark
  • In Expression_Dark theme, operators and numbers are with black foreground


  • Add interactive Resizable columns
  • Add IsReorderOperation property to the SchedulingDragDropState class
  • Add ToolTipTemplate property for the Event, Summary and Milestone containers
  • Export to image formats (Printing support)
  • Change the resizers for the Windows8Touch theme to circles in order to be better touchable
  • When TimeRulerLine's time range starts before the visible range, this line is rendered outside the time ruler
  • Column's width restrictions are initially disregarded
  • Extend the Columns AutoSizing mode with AutoByContent
  • Exception is thrown when dragging relation from one side of the task to the other
  • Can only drag task from selected cell
  • Sometimes when dragging task the wrong task is dragged
  • Drag reorder operation cannot start from a button control
  • Null Reference Exception in the Automation Peers when scrolling
  • Improve Gantt Performance
  • There is empty space between the summaries and its relations in Windows8 theme


  • Inappropriate behavior when ranges cover the tick marks


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support
  • Added Column Sort Sequence Indicator
  • Copy a row and paste it to multiple selected rows
  • RadGridView Measure and Arrange Optimizations
  • Insert new items on pasting
  • The DistinctValues List in FilteringControl doesn't resize properly
  • BindingExpression path errors on loading items from a VirtualQueryableCollectionView when it is created empty and the type of the items is ICustomTypeDescriptor
  • RadGridView does not render items correctly when an item in edit mode is deleted from the source collection
  • GridView cannot use scrollbars to scroll with touch
  • Pasting is incorrect when there are invisible columns
  • RadGridView raises exception with message "Width must be non-negative." in some scenarios
  • Editing a cell bound to an Enum property throws FirstChange exceptions
  • StyleSelector is not applied on changing of a value of subproperty
  • AmbiguousMatchException when binding to a property named "Item"
  • RadGridView does not show vertical grid lines on scroll with GroupRenderMode set to "Flat" and VirtualQueryableCollectionView as ItemsSource
  • Call to VisualTreeHelper.GetParent() throws an exception when called with an incorrect DependencyObject
  • Gridview crashes when data property changes value in background thread
  • GridView Grouping by DragAndDrop causes a NullReference exception when hosted in WinForms
  • RadGridView throws an exception when used in a partial trust security environment
  • A GridViewHeaderCell with a custom height defined through a Style does not display correctly in the Windows 8 Themes
  • Each RadGridView column causes a BindingExpression path error on startup
  • Row values are not pasted correctly when there is a GridViewSelectColumn/ GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn defined
  • Row Details are not arranged correctly in the horizontal direction when GroupRenderMode is Flat
  • HyperlinkButton processes handled events
  • NullRefException when editing grid with IsReadOnlyBinding set at grid level
  • Removing last column/s when Column virtualization is turned off causes remaining column/ borders
  • The first cell of a newly expanded group is not made current in Flat mode
  • GridView row resizing doesn't work with touch
  • Numeric values cannot be pasted
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when clicking a RadToggleButton inside a custom FilteringControl
  • GridView Columns not resizeble with touch
  • All items get invalid state when scroll the grid and validation is performed via Required attribute
  • RadGridView crashes when bound to a collection of a dynamic object and nested property is used
  • When in Flat mode, RadGridView.ItemContainerGenerator.ContainerFromIndex returns null when there is a null item at the specified index
  • GridView disabled cell/row can be selected with touch
  • A .NET 4.0+ WPF Selector contrlol bound to a QueryableCollectionView may throw an ArgumentOutOfRangeException on Reset
  • Remove the RadDragAndDropManager logic from GridViewDataControl


  • Introduce selection capabilities
  • Add LabelInterval functionality to allow only one in n labels to be shown


  • Memory leak when binding to ImageEditorCommands


  • Enable the smooth scrolling of the ListBox with all panels with touch
  • Calling ScrollIntoView before RadListBox is loaded results in incorrect selection behavior
  • RadListBox selection is cleared when the control is used in ItemsTemplate
  • NullReferenceException thrown in GeneratePanelInfo()
  • NullReferenceException in RadListBox when using touch and the ColorPicker
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in RadListBox with CollectionViewSource set to Empty
  • RadListBoxItem do not get implicit style in Windows8Touch
  • DropCue is missing when dragging item
  • KeyDown shouldn't be handled if TextSearch is disabled
  • Prevent the ScrollViewer from receiving focus to let a RadListBoxItem to receive the focus when the user navigates to the RadListBox control


  • Implemented new visualization layer with integrated support for
    • Map shapes
    • Databinding
    • Virtualization
  • Implemented asynchronous map shape reader for
    • ESRI shape files
    • KML files
    • WKT/WKB formats (SQL Geospatial)
  • Exception occurs when map providers are switched before initialization is completed


  • In Windows8Touch theme the ReadOnly VisualState sets the BorderBrush of the focused border twice


  • Created new RadMenuGroupItem and RadMenuSeparatorItem.
  • Added a way to control the placement mode of the submenu popup.
  • Added support for Tab/Shift + Tab keys.
  • Added handler for PopupCommands.Close and PopupCommands.CloseAll commands.
  • Implemented scrolling in RadMenuItems.
  • Implemented ItemContainerTemplateSelector for MenuBase and RadMenuItem.
  • Added DropDownWidth and DropDownHeight properties to RadMenuItem.
  • Added vertical separator for horizontal menus.
  • Added InputGestureText property to RadMenuItem.
  • When you set Background property of RadMenuItem, it is applied only on the Icon area with most of the themes.
  • SubMenu stays open when you click over Separator in parent RadMenuItem.
  • RadMenuItem doesn't receive click in some cases when the template is changed.
  • If RadMenu is disabled, some RadMenuItems look enabled with Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes.
  • Image put as an Icon of RadMenuItem is stretched in Windows8 theme, while in OfficeBlack (and other themes) it isn't.
  • Clicking on a TopLevelHeader RadMenuItem does not restore focus and mouse capture.


  • JPEG decode filter
  • API improvements for Find / Find All
  • Introduced SearchOptions property for FindCommand and FindPreviousCommand
  • Characters are not rendered correctly
  • Searching with regular expression throws an exception


  • Exception when saving a filtered RadGridView


  • Added new steps for DateTimeGroupDescription and a way to implement custom steps.
  • Added UI Dialog to set the step of DateTimeGroupDescription.
  • Added support for DateTimeOffset data.
  • Added German and Turkish localization languages.
  • ItemsSource of LocalDataSourceProvider is a DependencyProperty.
  • Added RowGroupsExpandBehavior/ColumnGroupsExpandBehavior to control initial expand/collapse state.
  • PivotFieldList dialogs respond to Escape and Enter keys.
  • Added a setting to query additional properties in XmlaConnectionSettings (for example to use specific language from OLAP Cube).
  • Added serialization support.
  • Implemented Label Filters for OLAP.
  • Added IntelliSense support at design time for the AggregateFunction properties of the LocalAggregateDescriptions.
  • XAML Binding errors.
  • Label Filter is not applied on DateTimeGroupDescriptions.
  • Sorting by Aggregates is not working properly when Aggregate values contain empty values.
  • OLAP: Layout issue with hierarchy – overlapping text.
  • SelectItems Report Filter dialog throws exception when a property has null or DBNull value.
  • RowHeaderStyle/RowHeaderTemplate is applied on both rows and columns. ColumnHeaderStyle/ColumnHeaderTemplate is not applied at all.
  • Collapsing group through code does not change the UI of this group (“-“ and “+” signs are not updated).
  • Exception is thrown when two aggregates are selected, all rows and columns are collapsed and the theme is changed.
  • Hierarchy with only one level and isAggregatable=false can't be used in Report Filter.


  • Throwing exception when IsIndetermine = true


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support
  • Auto-generated NestedProperties for IDynamicMetaObjectProvider types (DynamicObject) support
  • FlatRendering mode
  • ICustomTypeProvider should be supported in .net4.5 and SL5
  • Added KeyboardNavigation +CommandProvider extensibility
  • Virtualized grouping
  • Added CanUserSelect property
  • Commands + CommandProvider extensibility
  • TypeConverter support
  • AutobindBehavior generates a wrong binding path for nested manually generated PropertyDefinitions
  • More than one property definition can be selected when in unbound mode and SelectionMode is single or extended
  • Background property of a field cannot be set through the parent container (should be Transparent by default) / all themes
  • Expression Blend extracts invalid XAML when copying RadPropertyGrid's Template - Setter.Property cannot be null exception
  • SelectedPropertyDefinition cannot be set manually
  • When all of the nested properties of a certain property are Browsable(false) the "+" button of its field is still displayed
  • Selection does not work on fields containing disabled editors
  • Ctrl + A does not work in Multiple Selection
  • Incorrect selection when a property definition is selected in code-behind
  • AutogeneratedFields bound to nullable numeric properties does not update properly when null value is set. (TargetNullValue = string.Empty)
  • Single selection does not work correctly on third (and next) level of property definitions
  • Cannot bind to DataTable elements


  • The Backstage focus behavior should be improved
  • Consider changing the RibbonSplitButton Windows8 style
  • When the Backstage is open the KeyTips should start from its content
  • Allow resizing in a databound RibbonView
  • ApplicaionName is not visible
  • BackstageSelectedItem not show correctly after theme changed runtime
  • If two buttons have the same KeyTip.AccessText and the first button is Collapsed, hitting the AccessText shortcut will still execute its action
  • KeyTips's AccessText is entered in editable control
  • The RadRibbonBackstageItems show empty key tips even if they don't define any value for the KeyTipService.AccessText attached property
  • When the DropDown of a DropDownButton/SplitButton is opened through a KeyTip with two-letter AccessText, the DropDownContent items cannot be properly accessed
  • Misplaced KeyTips when using RibbonWindow on two or more monitors
  • In SL, RibbonComboBox does not show the SelectedState of the SelectedComboBoxitem
  • System.IO.FileNotFoundException thrown when application runs on window8 with all exceptions enabled in VS
  • If the BackstageMenu control is used outside the RibbonView control, its visual selection state is incorrect
  • Don't open a ScreenTip while hovering over the DropDownContent of a RibbonSplitButton
  • The KeyTip AccessText is not displayed when the QAT is databound
  • There is NullReferenceException when a styled Window hold the control
  • Pressing the ApplicationButton does not open the Backstage in some scenarios
  • When ResizeMode is NoResize or CanMinimize a horizontal white line appears at the bottom of the window
  • Creating RadRibbonWindow in separate STA thread throws an exception


  • Support for inserting and editing of code blocks in the document
  • Added command that applies linked styles as paragraph styles, so that applying normal style can clear headings
  • Exposed API for splitting an annotation range
  • Inserting some cross references blocks the application
  • Layout of RadRichTextBox stops updating after some editing
  • Undo call stack popup does not support Windows8Touch theme
  • The shortcut for undo (Ctrl+Z) does not work properly in some cases
  • TableCellBordersResizeLayer is slow with big tables
  • Tables rows and columns can be resized when table is in ReadOnlyRange
  • Decimal TabStops doesn't align numbers when current culture's decimal separator is different from "."
  • Formatting symbols are printed when they are shown in the document
  • {NUMPAGES} field does not respect inserting of even/odd section breaks
  • Accept/Reject revision commands are still visible in context menu after the paragraph formatting revision is accepted
  • Pdf Format Provider: Fixed bug with CreationTime of PDF document
  • Pdf Format Provider: Null reference exception when trying to export font that does not exist on the local machine
  • Rtf Format Provider: Importing/exporting footnote text style breaks the document
  • Rtf Format Provider should not import hidden fragments
  • RtfFormatProvider: Tables inside Headers/Footers are not exported correctly if the document has never been shown in Paged mode
  • Html Format Provider fails to open documents with big negative number set as size of font property
  • Html Format Provider: An .html fail failed to open because of blockquote tag
  • When the whole paragraph is selected along with the paragraph-end symbol and a style is selected from the styles gallery, the next paragraph also takes up the style
  • When loading custom dictionary a NullReferenceException is thrown in DecorationUILayerBase.UpdateViewPort(UILayerUpdateContext context)
  • Merging cells does not update the viewport properly
  • Null Reference exception when exporting document created with CreateDeepCopy() containing footnotes/endnotes
  • Notes properties applied to "Whole document" through the NotesSettingsDialog are not always respected
  • Removing a hyperlink that contains more than one paragraph does not remove the hyperlink style from all contents
  • It is not possible to measure documents with RTL text on the server, hence they cannot be imported and exported server side
  • Linked style is not applied as paragraph style when the whole paragraph is selected (including the paragraph symbol)
  • Memory leak with lists when creating deep copy
  • Inserting an endnote at the end of a document with two sections (at least) does not update properly the UI
  • IncludePictureField creates image with Size(0,0) when updated and StreamFromUriResolving event is not handled
  • Selected bibliographic style cannot be changed when there aren't bibliography or citation fields in the document
  • When you type using IME, DocumentContentChanged is not always fired and the data providers do not work correctly
  • IME: When unconfirmed text is deleted through backspace and typing is resumed, the buffered content gets inserted in the document
  • IME: An exception is thrown when typing in Japanese, Keyboard full-width Katakana
  • IME: The caret hovers between the characters in conversion target text
  • Pasting of single table from MS Word breaks the application
  • Data provider’s data binding does not work if a BindingMode is not specified


  • Make the new constructor of the AppointmentDialogViewModel public
  • Delete obsoleted InvertedBooleanConverter from RadScheduleView
  • The delete button is showing on selection in order to be clickable with touch
  • When the user tries to drag an appointment inside a read-only slot, RadScheduleView does not accept any drop from external source anymore
  • PropertyChanged event of the RecurrencePattern is not fired when its properties are changed
  • When the DayStartTime and DayEndTime properties of the TimelineViewDefinition are changed dynamically the slots are not measured properly
  • The application hangs when resizing it
  • OccurrenceFilter property is not updating the view of RadScheduleView if it is changed at run-time
  • NavigationHeader has wrong Height in Windows8 theme
  • An ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the CurrentDate is set to MinValue and you click on the empty group header
  • Border is missing on today slot in the Windows8Touch theme of RadScheduleView
  • Adding a Slot with End = DateTime MaxValue to the SpecialSlotsSource collection of the ScheduleView raises an exception


  • Clicking on the LargeIncrease/Decrease buttons do not focus the slider
  • Thumb disappears when theme is changed run-time


  • Double.NaN values are not supported
  • Sparkline does not get updated when setting the ItemsSource to null


  • Hyperlink support
  • Find and Replace functionality
  • Style modifying - ability to choose the properties to be included in a style
  • Support for cell references that include worksheet name
  • Comparison operators (=, <, >, <>) handle arguments of different types
  • Ability to parse missing function arguments as empty expressions
  • RadSpreadsheet design assemblies
  • Telerik Test Studio wrappers for RadSpreadsheet component
  • Support for Financial built-in functions
  • RadSpreadsheet does not use the list separator specified by the current culture
  • Some documents cannot be imported when the current culture is other than EN-US
  • Pasting objects that do not contain text causes NullReferenceException
  • Pasting a CellReferenceExpression into a cell in edit mode results in #REF! error
  • Invalid name error (#NAME) is not pasted properly
  • Values that contain double quotes are not pasted properly
  • Formula errors not exported to .XLSX
  • Attempt to create a CellReferenceRange with incorrect cell name raises exception
  • CellReferenceExpressions that point to other CellReferenceExpressions do not get updated properly
  • AutoFill does not work properly when the starting cell is merged
  • Auto fitting merged column not working properly
  • Changing cell alignment to Center or General does not clear applied cell indent
  • Style gallery is not working if it is not positioned in the initial tab of the RibbonView
  • Key navigation in selection that contains merged cells does not work correctly and may cause RadSpreadsheet to hang
  • Functions are not always included in the opened editor if added through the ribbon buttons
  • There should be Maximum Font Size of the Items in the Style Gallery


  • Add content presenters after tab items strip
  • In Windows8Theme, the content of a nested TabControl isn't visible


  • Lever 1 CodedUI Automation support
  • Added a property TileReorderMode in order to prevent the user from reordering the tiles between groups
  • Tile should animate on content change to fascilitate display of life content
  • Add API for RadTileList to allow developers to control group order
  • System.ArgumentException is thrown when tiles are reordered between groups
  • Tile should not be selected on TapDown if CanUserSelect is "False"
  • SelectedIndex cannot be set when AutoGenerateTile is True
  • Added 30px default top padding for TileListItem in order to prevent overlapping in some cases


  • Users can not set Visibility = Collapsed when attached properties
  • BringIntoView and Virtualization doesn't work after columnsCount change
  • Infinite loop after ItemsSource change and selection


  • Add support for custom interval types
  • Add support for special slots
  • Visible or Selection ranges are ignored if set before Period range
  • MinSelectionRange and MaxSelectionRange are ignored, in case the properties are set before PeriodStart and PeriodEnd
  • SelectionStart and SelectionEnd are ignored when RadTimeBar is in a Template
  • Changing the ViewModel in a MVVM scenario doesn't update the Visible range


  • Add support for custom interval types
  • Add support for special slots
  • The vertical scrollBar is visible, when VerticalScrollBarVisibility=Auto and the timeline has no items
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when clearing GroupPath, in case all groups are expanded by default and animation is enabled
  • TimelineItems are clipped when VerticalScrollBarVisibility is switched from Visible to Disabled
  • The visible period is not correct, when the control is in a DataTemplate


  • Keyboard navigation improvements


  • Overflow area displays empty when resizing toolbar. SL only
  • Place all ToolBar elements in the overflow area when necessary


  • Lever 2 & 3 CodedUI Automation support
  • NullReferenceException when expanding TreeListViewRow while its hierarchy nodes has been loading
  • TreeListViewDragCue does not update automatically when drop is not allowed
  • Problem with TreeList DropIndicatorLine resizing
  • DropPosition is always Inside
  • Validation error is not shown when hovering on the icon in the row indicator
  • Headers are not bold in Windows8Theme
  • Invalid state for GridViewCell is used (while scrolling) for valid cells when IDataAnnotation validation is used


  • Implement AutoScrolling During Drag/Drop
  • Drop line before the first RadTreeViewItem needed
  • Refactor Drag Drop logic to use the new API
  • Allow adjusting the size of the drop zones
  • Ability to turn auto-scroll on/off
  • The DragCue offset is wrong when the DragActionContent is long
  • The DropPreviewLine is positioned incorrectly
  • MemoryLeak when using the RadTreeView with RadContextMenu
  • Highlighting the RadTreeViewItems is not correct when hosted in a native TabControl
  • DropPreviewLine is incorrectly positioned in zoomed browser
  • Exception occurs when several DragNDrop operations are performed on static RadTreeViewItems with default Style applied
  • The DragCue does not use Nested Item Templates
  • The RadTreeViewItems are expanded if during a drag operation, the mouse hovers over them, even if the drop is outside the item
  • When dragging a RadTreeViewItem, if it isn't removed from its original source, its mouseover state isn't changed
  • Wrong ItemTemplate is used in the DragVisualCue in certain databinding scenarios


  • Add Name="HeaderContent" to a Title ContentControl in the Windows7 theme
  • Make it possible to get the full position of a window and then be able to restore it (minimized, maximized, normal states)
  • Delete obsoleted RenderActive property from RadWindow
  • Performance issue when DropShadowEffect is applied to the outer border of RadWindow in Windows8Touch theme
  • Validation tooltip is misplaced on start up
  • Focusing RadWindows in OOB applications throws exception
  • FocusVisual border does not disappear from buttons when window is closed
  • An IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown in a certain scenario when a RadWindow with WindowState set to Maximized is open through another RadWindow