Q3 2012 SP1

December 04, 2012

HTML Chart

  • Added Financial (Candlestick, OHLC) series for RadChart

HTML Common

  • RadAutoCompleteBox, RadComboBox, RadDropDownBox 2px gap between list-container and the element

HTML DatePicker/TimePicker

  • Added a displayMode property for allowing inline rendring mode to RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker
  • Improved RadDatePicker/RadTimePicker with numeric key navigation
  • Improved the UX of RadDatePicker/RadTimePicker by making the selector as wide as the picker by default
  • The selector popup of the RadDatePicker/RadTimePicker overflows the screen height if the itemCount property is set to a large value
  • Sliding a list while another is looping causes the dissapearance of all items except the sliding one in the first list
  • RadTimePicker's itemCount property does not work
  • If RadDatePicker/RadTimePicker control is too narrow, e.g. 100px, the selected date/time text overflows the input area
  • The minValue and maxValue properties in the date/time pickers does not specify a continuous date/time period
  • When maxValue is set to 0 minutes, the selector is not limited to 0 minutes
  • When setting a value through JavaScript the picker accepted values are outside the min/maxValue
  • When picker.isSelectorOpen is true, the selector position is incorrect

HTML Gauge

  • Added line options to RadLinearGauge

HTML HubTile

  • RadHubTile clips long titles and big images
  • Images with empty src are initially shown in picture rotator and mosaic hubs, when the picture source is assigned after initialization

HTML NumericBox

  • Improved RadNumericBox when in WinJS.UI.Flyout control
  • When in scrollable area the control's swipe doesn't work
  • RadNumericBox doesn't fire change/spin events when dragging
  • RadNumericBox doesn't check min option correctly

HTML Slider

  • Added RadSlider and RadRangeSlider localization for the drag handle tooltip
  • RadRangeSlider drag handle goes behind ticks in some cases
  • Sliders show 2 tooltips simultanously on drag in some cases

XAML Chart

  • Added StrokeDashArray/StrokeLineJoin properties to all continuous series and indicators in RadCartesianChart and RadPolarChart
  • Exposed DateTimeContinuousAxis ActualRange property for the chart control
  • ChartTooltipBehavior.ContentTemplate property attached enables per-series basis tooltips
  • Axis.ShowLabels/LabelInterval/LabelFitMode properties are now dependency properties to support binding
  • DateTimeContinuousAxis automatic step calculation now takes into account the calculated minimum ticks interval
  • Introduced internal priority for data point infos so series-related ones are always placed in front of indicator-related ones
  • BarSeries.CombineMode property is set to Cluster instead of None via style setter
  • Trackball is not displayed when series have NAN values
  • ChartTooltipBehavior does not show any content if no template is specified
  • Selection Behavior does not work correctly in Doughnut chart
  • Changing axis visibility in runtime not reflected properly in the control layout
  • Chart primary axis not associated with series are not updated / plotted correctly
  • RadChart throws exception when rebinding the control to a different data type that happens to have identical property naming as the original data
  • PieSeries not updated on PieDataPoint value change
  • PieSeries should not process collapsed segments when new ItemsSource with fewer items is set
  • PieSeries item labels positioning not updated when PieSeries.AngleRange property (StartAngle or SweepAngle) is modified dynamically at runtime
  • Multiple series where one empty Stack100 series causes infinite loop on zoom (hangs the UI)
  • Improper clearing of visual axis items on changing LabelTemplate, LabelTemplateSelector, or MajorTickTemplate
  • TrackBallInfo control should not show info for hidden chart series
  • Default series item labels not visualized properly for Scatter and Polar series types
  • Changing chart series visibility does not change the visibility of the corresponding labels' layer
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException in chart scenarios with manual axis range that does include completely the data range of a series subject to gridline snapping like Bar
  • Continuous Categorical, Scatter, and Radar series rendering appears jagged and with artifacts when drawing straight sloped line
  • Radar series in RadPolarChart not respecting the value of the StartAngle property
  • First and last axis label and tick disappear on pan/zoom when TickThickness is larger than 2
  • DateTimeContinuousAxis.MaximumTicks property not respected in specific scenarios
  • Horizontal axis labels not positioned properly when rotated at certain degrees (within the 0-90 or 180-270 ranges)
  • Horizontal axis right margin not calculated properly in specific scenarios with rotated labels
  • Introduced internal priority for data point infos so series-related ones are always placed in front of indicator-related ones
  • Incorrect layout rounding leads to intermittent 1px gaps between bars in histogram bar scenario (when Axis.GapLength is set to zero)
  • Removed AutoSortPoints property from radar series (line, spline, and area), as they are not applicable
  • ChartSeries.IsHitTestVisible is set to false by default via style setter in XAML and not in the ChartSeries constructor
  • PointTemplateSeries point templates, Axis label templates, and ChartSeriesLabelDefinition label templates now follow XAML guidelines for DataTemplate / DataTemplateSelector precedence (if DataTemplate is set, DataTemplateSelector is ignored)

XAML DatePicker/TimePicker

  • Added DisplayMode property for RadDatePicker/RadTimePicker
  • Improved RadDatePicker/RadTimePicker with numeric key navigation
  • RadTimePicker should recognize the "H" character and enable 24-hour format

XAML Gauge

  • Changing the gauge range while indicator value is animating results in strange animation