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New and Improved jQuery PivotGrid

We are excited to announce the release of the new and improved Kendo UI for jQuery PivotGrid v2! Since the PivotGrid is one of our most highly valued components, we leveraged the years of experience building, supporting, and evolving the component. It has been rebuilt from the ground up for improved UX and performance. This is not merely an update; it is a brand-new component.

Note that we are not deprecating the original component. If you use it, nothing will change.

See the jQuery PivotGrid v2 demos


New Component: jQuery Avatar

Avatars are a common way to represent an account or other entity in web applications. This new configurable component gives you an easy way to display an avatar as images, icons, text or a combination of any of the three.

See the jQuery Avatar demo


New Component: jQuery RadioButton

Previously available through CSS in Kendo UI themes, this component makes radio button creation simple. Use jQuery syntax to create a radio button and configure every aspect through properties. Using this component ensures a consistent look-and-feel across any application using Kendo UI.

See the jQuery RadioButton demo


New Component: jQuery RadioGroup

Use this component to organize and manage the configuration of a collection of radio buttons. This includes rendering multiple related radio buttons, extracting the currently selected radio buttons, and more.

See the jQuery RadioGroup demo


New Component: jQuery Checkbox

Previously available through CSS in Kendo UI themes, this component makes checkbox creation simple. Use jQuery syntax to create a checkbox and configure every aspect through properties. Using this component ensures a consistent look-and-feel across any application using Kendo UI.

See the jQuery Checkbox demo


New Component: jQuery Checkbox Group

Use this component to organize and manage the configuration of a collection of checkboxes. This includes rendering multiple related checkboxes, extracting the currently selected checkboxes, and more.

See the jQuery CheckboxGroup demo


jQuery Grid Enhancement: Drag & Drop

Row Drag and Drop has been supported for years, but we have improved the related UX. Indicators showing exactly what is being dragged and where items are being places improve visibility and usability. This can work within one grid or when dragging items between grids.

See the jQuery Data Grid Drag and Drop demo


jQuery Data Grid Enhancement: Improved Multi-column Sorting

For an improved UX, we have added a new way to perform multiple column sorting. This update adds an optional behavior feature that allows end-users to sort on a single column when using a regular mouse click and only sort multiple columns when pressing the CTRL button. When clicking on a column header without the CTRL button pressed the Grid will revert to sorting by a single column.

See the jQuery Data Grid Sorting demo


jQuery Editor Enhancement: Undo & Redo

Until now, developers had to rely on the browsers ability for remembering content. The problem is that there is no reliability or consistency. Now, the jQuery Editor will save the change stack and make undo/redo buttons available on the toolbar.

See the jQuery Editor Tools Demo


New Sample: jQuery Admin Dashboard Template

This sample follows best practices to deliver a fully functional admin dashboard template similar to those found on the market today. It uses a broad range of Kendo UI for jQuery components and is ready to use. All you need to do is wire up your data!

See the jQuery Admin Dashboard demo


New Sample: Amazon-Style Drawer Menu

Many users have asked how they can implement an Amazon-style menu with our jQuery Drawer component, and we have created an article to show you how. When a user clicks on a menu item the Drawer component animates to the next “level” of the drawer to display a new set of menu items. From there users can navigate deeper or use the provided built-in navigation to move back to previous levels.

See the Amazon-style jQuery Drawer Knowledge Base article


New Theme Rendering Options for Various jQuery Components

As UI design requirement become more complex, our users need more customizability in our themes on the component level. Throughout 2022, we will be introducing enhancements to the way individual components work with themes to make it easier to use your own design system. These will be a set of common options that will help define colors, size, and shape of individual components. This release delivers updates for Buttons, Inputs, DateInputs, and DropDowns.


jQuery Charts Enhancement: Updated Default Colors

When there is no color set for charts, Kendo UI for jQuery uses a default color set for each series. Until now, that set was limited and if the limit was reached, colors would recycle. We have now expanded that color set, so that case will no longer exist. We have also updated the palette to make your Charts more modern.

See the jQuery Charts demos

New Chart Colors

Improved jQuery PanelBar Design

The PanelBar has been redesigned to make certain elements more visible. We have updated the rendering and classes applied to the rendered HTML to make the child elements within the PanelBar more distinguishable when all content is expanded. Additionally, the expand and collapse arrows have been updated to use a chevron arrow instead of a filled-in triangle.

See the jQuery PanelBar demo


Improved jQuery ColorPicker Design and Big New Features

We have incorporated the years of feedback we have received for the ColorPicker into a brand-new design! This brings a new UI, but also delivers valuable features (click to see demos):


All jQuery Components: Improved Accessibility

With this update, we continue our streak of improving the accessibility of all Kendo UI for jQuery components. These additions range from tackling reported accessibility issues within our backlog as well as strengthening the automated accessibility testing that we do internally. The result is that the latest edition of our jQuery components continues to be the premiere jQuery UI library when it comes to accessibility compliance.


Visual Studio 2022 Support

Upgrade to the recently released Visual Studio 2022 without worrying about your jQuery tools. Kendo UI for jQuery is compatible with it and its tooling.


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