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UI for ASP.NET AJAX R3 2019 (version 2019.3.917)

September 18, 2019


  • New Drawer control
  • Accessibility improvements and fixes
  • Update Kendo UI Scripts to R2 2019 SP1 (version 2019.2.619)
  • Increased contrast of the MetroTouch theme for better accessibility
  • Arrow key navigation in the MonthYearPicker, TimePicker, DatePicker, DateTimePicker popups via the EnableKeyboardNavigation="true"
  • Getting WebResource.axd not found error (404) when searching for sprite.gif in Bootstrap, Material, Glow, Material, Black, MetroTouch, BlackMetroTouch, Simple, Sunset, Web20 and WebBlue skins


  • When HighlightFirstMatch=True, JAWS will not read the first item in the list


  • Accent folding with filtering for the RadClientDataSource
  • isnullorempty and isnotnullorempty do not work with OData
  • Filtering with Turkish letters is not working correctly


  • Pdf export functionality repeats the first page multiple times when papersize is not set
  • Gantt shrinks its treelist text to fit column's width on PDF export in IE and Edge


  • Support for Home/End and Page Up/Down keyboard shortcuts
  • ADD the ability to use the keyboard (the space bar in particular), in order to check the CheckAll item of the RadComboBox
  • RadCombobox with EnableAriaSupport=true reading as readonly with JAWS
  • Check all item in RadComboBox does not have focus and hover styles
  • RadCombobox with EnableAriaSupport=true reading as readonly with JAWS
  • JAWS does not always announce selected item in RadComboBox correctly when pressing the first letter of an item in the list


  • When AutoResizeHeight="true", RadEditor jumps up when applying formatting over a word in Chrome
  • Track changes does not mark single and double quotes as well as periods
  • Floating toolbar does not show its tools in Lightweight Render Mode
  • Find and Replace encoding issue with less than character
  • setFocus does not set the focus on the iframe content area when called for a second time in Chrome
  • args.get_commandName is not a function error when executing a tool command in a mobile editor
  • Fullscreen icon not selected after spellcheck


  • RadFilter RadFilterDropDownEditor value is not loaded correctly


  • Gantt dateCompareValidator() client function does not validate input different than the picker
  • Unexpected blue background of selected Gantt/Scheduler View in Fiori
  • Gantt shrinks its treelist text to fit column's width on PDF export in IE and Edge


  • Linear gauge track is not rendered


  • New SortHeaderContextMenuColumns property for alphabetically ordering of the columns in the context menu
  • Page jumps to the top when opening the FilterMenu by clicking on Filter button in RadGrid
  • In IE, SHIFT+F10 hotkey should open grid's context menu without bringing up browser's own menus
  • Mobile Grid: Columns get stuck when trying to move them from the column picker dialog


  • The Chart cannot be loaded as a standalone AMD module
  • Chart throws error when pane clipping is disabled and the user tries to zoom using selection
  • Pinch-zooming the chart zooms the page
  • BoxPlot Chart series border color is not applied
  • Stock chart with virtualization does not preserve series visibility on selection change
  • Chart fires render event twice if custom font is applied to labels


  • Arrow key navigation in the MonthYearPicker, TimePicker, DatePicker, DateTimePicker popups
  • MonthYearPicker should focus pop-up dialog when activated for better keyboard navigation support
  • When ShowButton is set to true, the end of text goes under the button
  • RadNumericTextBox allows non numeric characters in Firefox
  • When RadTextBox has EnableAriaSupport=True and a tooltip set, JAWS form fields dialog should list the control
  • RadTextBox drag and drop clears text when EmptyMessage is set


  • Map location is not correct in OnClick event arguments
  • Map click event does not return the e.location argument correctly
  • Duplicate Large Marker is shown on iOS devices
  • Map markers being rendered too large and being cut off on device pixel ratio is between 1.2 and 2.0(Chrome)


  • JavaScript error thrown on selecting client-side template item with Space/Enter keys


  • MonthYearPicker should focus pop-up dialog when activated for better keyboard navigation support


  • MultiColumnComboBox item selection does not work on mobile devices
  • Column width is not respected in Virtualized MultiColumnComboBox
  • Validation class is not applied to the correct element
  • MultiColumnComboBox and Google Chrome Autocomplete open Simultaneously


  • RadNavigation node, expanded by mouse click, gets closed and reopened, if arrow down key is pressed


  • Implemented support for document outline (bookmarks).
  • Implemented import and export of ToUnicode CMap.
  • Added support for Named Destinations.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when exporting text with negative font size using TextFormatProvider.
  • Embedding CIDFont with missing CIDToGIDMap property causes PDF/A warning in Adobe Preflight.
  • First level bullets are not visible.
  • Handled NotImplementedException when importing color with Lab colorspace.
  • Fixed issue with wrong text in TextBoxFields content after importing and exporting fields with custom encoding in VariableContentWidget's font.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document with Named Destinations.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in .NET Standard when importing a document with non-standard TrueType font.


  • RadSearchBox Text set in the code-behind is replaced by the EmptyMessage on subsequent postback
  • Unable to focus RadSearchBox through AccessKey in IE and Edge browsers


  • Calculating the values of formulas which includes large cell ranges causes OutOfMemoryException.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when importing data validation rule without parameters.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when importing documents containing an element with attribute with a nondefault namespace prefix.
  • Text that is overflowing the used cell range is wrongly clipped when printing or exporting to PDF.
  • Row heights with missing CustomHeight attributes in the document are ignored.


  • 20+ new client-side events such as OnClientChanging, OnClientPaste, OnClientRemoveSheet, OnClientSelectSheet and other
  • Add Spreadsheet support for importing/exporting cell indentation from/to an excel file
  • Spreadsheet Formulas now respect culture specific decimal separator
  • New Unhide row and Unhide column features in the context menu
  • Spreadsheet's sheet data source cannot be set with ref attribute
  • Incorrect behavior on clicking Spreadsheet's Increase/Decrease decimal buttons for formula results
  • Typing Korean/Chinese does not set Spreadsheet cell in edit mode
  • An excel file with filters in not properly imported into the Spreadsheet - the filters are not applied
  • List validation not imported client-side to Spreadsheet from xlsx file, if the list is referenced from another sheet
  • Incorrect rounding when value exceeds formatting
  • Spreadsheet does not properly display font color applied to cells in the .xlsx file
  • Spreadsheet DOLLAR() function does not accept zero or negative parameters as second argument
  • RowHeight is not respected when exporting to excel
  • Incorrect rounding of large numbers when set runtime
  • JS error thrown by Spreadsheet on opening an xlsx file containing border cell color formatting
  • Currency format is not being shown correctly in the custom formatting dialog
  • Copied negative percentage value from excel is pasted as string in the Spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheet exported Excel RowHeight and ColumnWidth does not match to the imported custom ones
  • Unable to set a valid negative number in a Spreadsheet cell with validation rule from a negative number to zero
  • Spreadsheet incorrect formatting and rounding for the number 1000000000000000
  • Hidden rows in Excel are visible in the Spreadsheet, once the file is imported server side
  • Change event triggered twice on paste
  • Spreadsheet does not export content to PDF, when the browser window is too low and the page has been scrolled down on export
  • Spreadsheet server-side import does not hide columns that are hidden in the source file
  • Spreadsheet throws a js exception on exporting to Excel
  • Spreadsheet bad performance on setting font size to multiple cells
  • Pasting data from Excel file to Spreadsheet results in an image instead of data values
  • Decimal values are not displayed when negative percentage value is filled in a cell
  • Spreadsheet custom editor button is not visible in frozen columns scenario
  • Spreadsheet opens only 200 rows from previously exported document
  • Unable to reach last column custom editor button
  • Negative floating point numbers are represented without the zero
  • Spreadsheet widget cannot be scrolled under Android


  • RadTabStrip does not add the ARIA role=tablist attribute to all ul elements
  • Aria-level attribute value should never be 0 and should start from 1


  • TreeMap renders tiles for items with value 0


  • RadWizard accessibility error - aria-labelledby attribute rendered, instead of aria-label


  • ArgumentException is thrown when exporting document with specifically nested tables.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when importing HTML document containing pseudo-element.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when importing HTML containing attributes with empty string values.
  • Export to PDF freezes when DefaultTabStopWidth is zero.
  • FormatException is thrown when importing HTML with img tag containing non-numeric "width" or "height" values
  • HtmlImportSettings.LoadFromUri event is not raised for stylesheet links without specified CSS type.
  • Hyperlinks are not properly exported to PDFs when their content is placed in a separate paragraph.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing a document with an image defined as a resource but not found.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing a document with an image with invalid or not supported extension.
  • The size of the image is wrongly calculated when width or height is not specified and the source is a URI or base64 string.

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