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UI for ASP.NET AJAX R3 2018 (version 2018.3.910)

September 12, 2018


  • Upgrade Kendo scripts (widgets) to R3 2018
  • NullReferenceException (First Chance) is thrown by Telerik.Web.X_UA_CompatbileReader.ReadResponseHeaders


  • Invisible and shifted drop zones in Edge 40


  • JS error is thrown when backspace is pressed after deleting a token


  • Erroneous calculation in card layout
  • Messages displayed for wrong Chat user
  • Chat cards are not in a card deck


  • When exporting image to PDF an error occur if the MIME type is not set correctly
  • Tabular PDF export not sizing date and number columns
  • Table rows are split when exporting to PDF
  • Spreadsheet PDF Export last row height is greater than the other rows
  • Spreadsheet PDF Export has missing borders
  • Drawing exports sub elements content as sup elements content in IE


  • Double tap should perform zoom for Map and Diagram widgets


  • View dropdown closes automatically after click when the server OnNavigationCommand is attached
  • Close (x) icon in Gantt pops out as a button
  • Client-side custom fields getters/setters work only with the last custom field data
  • Arrows of numeric in the Edit Task window of RadGantt are missing
  • Gantt Task edit dialog appearance issues in RTL
  • Undesired view navigation on editing a task in the Gantt's treelist when navigatable is set to true
  • Gantt Resources pop-up editor uses a NumericTextBox with step=1, instead of 0.01, for its Units (percentage) edit field
  • Wrong step applied to PercentComplete NumericTextBox in cultures that use comma as a decimal separator


  • Specified cast is not valid error when editing TimeSpan values


  • Start and End Positions for Axis Labels
  • You can escape "'\n" literals in label texts so they render as text instead of resulting in new lines
  • Legend item hover results in error for line series and log axis when there are no positive points
  • Highlight overlays other bubbles
  • Tooltip is not shown after you leave the chart through the tooltip
  • "&" in various combinations causes HTML encoding issues in Chart
  • Line chart with invisible points fails to render
  • Pie chart hangs browser on some values
  • Labels are needlessly rotated when using auto rotation and reversed axis
  • White space in text is collapsed when rendering as SVG
  • Hiding yAxis is leaving redundant additional space in Chart
  • Toggling visibility of line series combined with 100% stacked bar series makes a flickering
  • Grouped series are not shown after hiding the first series and changing the data source
  • Series highlighting from legend should be consistent for overlapping line series with manual and default zIndex
  • Radar chart is not properly resized
  • A copy of axis label's text is shown at top left corner while scrolling the chart.
  • Chart exportImage() method with parameters does not export chart
  • Null reference error on Firefox when Chart is in a hidden iframe
  • Chart categoryAxis labels do not get updated
  • Line Chart's line disappear on sparse data
  • Remove Step and Skip properties from series labels because they only apply to axis labels


  • The Add Text dialog escapes HTML content
  • Wrong MIME type for JPEG images is returned by the RadImageEditor handler (image/jpg instead of image/jpeg)


  • Double tap should perform zoom for Map and Diagram widgets


  • Editing API does not apply some graphics properties to text fragments
  • IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when importing cross reference entries which are not on consequent rows
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when exporting empty CidSet
  • FileFormatException is thrown while exporting document with specific font


  • Modal AdvancedForm is now movable in Lightweight RenderMode


  • Cursor not changed when resizing columns
  • Selection cell overlays active cell and prevents user interaction
  • Filter icon in spreadsheet cell not clickable
  • Data is lost after Undo command
  • Export button causes form submit
  • Spreadsheet SheetDataSourceBinder class uses a global instance of jQuery
  • Incorrect formula output with comparison
  • Deleting rows when filter is applied deletes hidden rows also
  • Spreadsheet does not properly format decimal numbers with more signs after the decimal point
  • Spreadsheet displays default row/column width and height if they are explicitly set to 0
  • Cell values formatted as percent are incorrect for certain values
  • Broken appearance of Spreadsheet sheets bar in all themes, when there are scroll buttons
  • It is possible to clear the value of disabled Spreadsheet cells
  • Opening an XLSX file in Spreadsheet creates a new input type="file" without removing the mark-up of the previous one
  • Cell validation button focuses next available cell when there are exactly 2 columns following it
  • Spreadsheet with frozen columns throws JS error when there are more than 50 columns and cells are scrolled to the far right-hand side of the sheet
  • Wrong cursor appearance on hovering spreadsheet range resize indicator in IE and Edge
  • Wrong number rounding when cell format is applied to a formula
  • Spreadsheet active cell drag handle is hidden underneath frozen row/column borders
  • Spreadsheet is adding underline styles after second server-side import of the same server-side exported file
  • Custom formatting is not preserved after value change
  • Spreadsheet formula reference is not updated properly
  • Spreadsheet PDF export adds extra column to the exported area, when right border is set for the last active column
  • Spreadsheet AutoFill increments dates even if a single cell is selected and dragged
  • Spreadsheet applies blank values when attempting to autoFill disabled cells
  • Editing a range selection doesn't allow tabular editing
  • JS error on undo after pasting text from external source in Spreadsheet cell
  • String starting with a date (Mar 2017 randomText) is converted to date on pasting in a Spreadsheet cell, stripping the non-date part
  • Spreadsheet freeze panes + borders on merged cells results in missing borders after scroll
  • Spreadsheet export to Excel does not work if there is a merged cell in row 10+
  • Applying filter by value and then filter by condition on the same column results in an error
  • Spreadsheet steals the focus from the focused element when keyboard down / up arrow is pressed
  • Spreadsheet loses Time, when editing cell with custom Date and Time formatting
  • Editing cells in range, when filter is applied, modifies the cells in between
  • Undo is not triggering the change event
  • resize method does not resize the toolbar
  • Cannot choose from all items when filtering is applied once
  • 12 hours format time in lower/upper case is not respected
  • Displaced Spreadsheet dialog buttons
  • Input in the Hyperlink dialog falls on a second line below its label
  • Spreadsheet that has height greater than the browser window height scrolls the page to top when a cell in the bottom is selected
  • AutoFill increments seconds in DateTime format
  • Not-responding browser due to Spreadsheet selection with row numbers only
  • PV (Present Value) function return value is inconsistent with Excel
  • Sheets are incorrectly linked if the source sheet name starts with a number
  • Wrong Spreadsheet absolute cell reference, when used for a range
  • Links keep their initial order, when column in Spreadsheet it sorted
  • Row header shifts up and down when the active cell is dragged with the drag handle
  • Undo does not restore the row's original height
  • Incorrect date conversion with date formatting
  • An error is thrown when serialize tojson and then reading it back with fromjson a workbook and pressing enter over the active cell
  • Column / Row resize handler appears in the wrong position for frozen columns / rows after scrolling to the right / down
  • Link in Spreadsheet cell does not redirect to the URL the first time it is clicked.
  • Spreadsheet does not calculate properly the height of a cell with wrapped text.
  • Not reset font-size when Spreadsheet's clear method is used with formatOnly: true
  • Spreadsheet navigation with Tab/Shift+Tab does not work properly, if the last/first column/row is hidden
  • Wrong number rounding when cell format is applied to a formula
  • Display all items after removing filtering for the Spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheet Redo does not behave properly
  • JS error thrown on clicking Cut/Copy/Paste buttons of Spreadsheet's toolbar or context menu, when Spreadsheet's content is loaded using .fromJSON() method
  • The row resize handle does not appear when the first column is hidden


  • IE11 crashes when RadConfirm is opened several times with opened Dev tools

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