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UI for ASP.NET AJAX R2 2019 (version 2019.2.514)

May 15, 2019


  • Improve performance for resolving the default Classic RenderMode under heavy load
  • Backport minor jQuery vulnerability fix: Object.prototype pollution
  • The NuGet installer now installs the Telerik.Web.Design.dll
  • The Telerik NuGet server provides nugets for the Latest Internal Builds


  • When the ChunkSize is set the excel files are partially uploaded
  • Last Modified Date is wrong for files uploaded in Firefox 61+


  • Confirm dialog in RadButton
  • Text is not aligned against the icon for radio buttons and checkboxes


  • RadMonthYearPicker was added to the SkinManager's ControlTypeToApplyskin collection


  • html5window.js should require html5popup.js to be loaded - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'TabKeyTrap' of undefined


  • No resizing handles for image and table elements with Firefox 63+
  • M.enableContextMenus in not a function error on mobile with enableEditing(false)
  • onParentNodeChanged() causes a Cannot read property defaultView of undefined error in Chrome 73
  • Under IE when you right click on a hyperlink and select Properties instead of Link Properties you get Image Properties dialog
  • z.push is not a function error is thrown when pasting malformed Word lists
  • In Chrome the getSelectedElement() function returns a [body] tag when an [input type='number'] is selected
  • Editor does not convert rgb to hex in MS Edge when converting from to
  • Extra Lines on Enter key press in Firefox when RadEditor is placed in a not initially selected RadWizard step
  • The editor commands do not work when the editor is initially hidden in IE11
  • The image manager is incorrectly resized in Chrome, FF, IE11
  • Ribbon bar drop down menus cut off when toolbar mode set to anything other than RibbonBar
  • Fix InsertImage, InsertLink, InsertTableLight layout improvements
  • Code snippets coming after remove table style from insert table popup


  • New GenerateXlsxOutput method to generate the ExportOutput for Excel XLSX exporting
  • Fix RadGrid delete confirmation does not work on new version of Chrome 73+
  • RadGrid Keyboard navigation does not work in Firefox 65.0.1


  • Page hangs sometimes when continuously entering input fast in MaskedTextBox in Edge 41
  • Change value by mousewheel does not work in Edge


  • New MuliColumnComboBox skins
  • Design-time support
  • Add SelectedIndexChanged and ItemDataBound server-side events
  • Add Schema configuration for improved web service binding
  • Improved compatibility with field validators
  • Improved control over additional items data sent from the server
  • Ability to trigger postback when AutoPostBack=true
  • Support for Server-side Items creation
  • Add various Find methods for Items collection
  • A JS error is thrown when EnableScritptsCombine is set to false


  • ArgumentException is thrown when importing FormFields several times
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when importing document with missing EOF marker


  • Provided API for enforcing the use of only FIPS 140-2 complaint hashing algorithms
  • Added support for Line series charts with Markers - they can be created with charts dialog, in code, or from xlsx file import
  • Added support for Scatter and Bubble charts - they can be created with Charts Dialog, in code, or via import from xlsx file
  • ArgumentException is thrown when importing documents containing empty values
  • Round function returns different values than excel
  • Changing the format of cells which hold the values for the value axis does not redraw the chart
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when pasting in a protected sheet
  • Print/PrintPreview displays charts in an incorrect arrange location
  • VerificationException (operation could destabilize the runtime) is thrown in VS 2019


  • RadWizard Button triangle edge is slightly moved to the right


  • UriFormatException is thrown when importing HTML content containing embedded images with leading white spaces

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