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UI for ASP.NET AJAX R2 2016 SP1 (version 2016.2.607)

June 6, 2016


  • Inconsistent Lightweight RTL RadAsyncUpload paddings
  • RadAsyncUpload's dropzone does not appear after its OnClientFilesSelected event has been cancelled


  • Unified border colors of AutoCompleteBox with other form controls
  • Added AutocompleteBox classes for hovered, focused and selected states


  • The buttons in RadDatePicker with MetroTouch && BlackMetroTouch skin are not align properly and their width is static.


  • Improve RadClientDataSource to handle RadGrid's AllowNaturalSort=false (SortOrder=none), when ClientDataSource is bound to IDataSource control.
  • Add countRequested event for RadClientDatasource, which will be fired after the count has been requested from the service


  • Wrong Lightweight RadComboBox cursor type on toggle arrow hovering in IE


  • Device detection framework throws an exception when user agent string is null in some cases


  • Fix the order of RadDocks that are placed in RadMultiPage, updated with RadAjaxManager
  • RadDock height is set when RadDock is collapsed and expanded


  • Unexpected rddtClearButtonHovered class applied to hovered ClearAll button of a disabled Lightweight DropDownTree


  • Editor Dialogs lose focus instead of closing in IE when it is configured to use Classic Dialogs
  • Spell check header popup moves editor content outside container
  • Partial table could not be pasted in Chrome
  • JS error is thrown when RadEditor with Material skin is disposed under IE
  • Using ToolsFile property from the markup disregards LIghtweight rendering configured from the web.config
  • Wrong set of items is loaded in the context menu of RadEditor when its render mode is changed
  • JS error is thrown when RadEditor EditType=Inline with Material skin
  • Cannot apply border styles to table cells through Table Wizard
  • RadEditor HTML mode gets styles from RadFormDecorator when decorating textarea elements
  • RadEditor does not set EnableEmbeddedSkins to child controls
  • Pasted image from MS Word in IE11 has been selected
  • Div element is not changed to heading via the FormatBlock command in FF
  • Pressing tab key in Chrome and Firefox does not do anything when selection is not in a table
  • When lists in MS Word are modified with the use of the Indent markers, the ConvertWordLists stripping options is not working as expected(FF, IE9, Chrome)
  • The ConvertXhtml filter encodes spaces placed in the anchor's href as '%20'
  • Value of input text elements couldn't be set through properties inspector
  • TrackChanges does not track typing of !, #, $, %, & characters
  • JS error is thrown when RejectAllChanges is executed


  • Title of decorated checkboxes by RadFormDecorator is lost in FireFox and IE
  • FIX the appearance of decorated button with RadFormDecorator when it is disabled on the client under IE10


  • RadGantt's TreeList height changes when editing row
  • Wrong RadGantt's TreeList toggle arrows in Material skin
  • RadGantt's server events for Assignments - Update, Insert and Delete are not triggered in SqlDataSource binding scenario


  • IMPROVE: The colgroup properties need to be copied into the table that holds dragged row properties.
  • Improve: HeaderContext menu of RadGrid to be customizable server/client side
  • The GetEntitySqlFilterExpression method does not return a correct result when the grid is bound to a collection of objects.
  • When a grid bound to RadClientDataSource has enabled batch editing the edited data is saved for the wrong record
  • ToolTip of Expand/Collapse All Groups button does not change when the button is clicked and GroupLoadMode=Client.
  • The font-icons are distorted when printing in mobile.
  • Print functionality should be enabled automatically when show Print button in Mobile rendering.
  • Expand\Collapse all groups buttons does not work correctly with Mobile rendering.
  • In lightweight RadGrid the header context menu groups separators have broken styles
  • The rgSorted class is not applied to the td elements in RadGrid with client-side binding.
  • Setting HeaderStyle-Width to a decimal value causes problems for cultures with comma as decimal separator
  • When RadGrid is in Batch editing mode and a GridTemplateColumn has both EditItemTemplate and InsertItemTemplate the editor is not closed and its value is lost
  • Cells on the last row in RadGrid cannot be selected using DragToSelect cells, if cursor runs out of the grid during the selection
  • ExcelML is not working when an apostrophe is used in the group header cell text
  • Excel-like filter menu does not render in lightweight render mode when setting RenederMode property to RadGrid.
  • Stack overflow exception thrown by RadGrid in hierarchy when EnableHeaderContextMenu is enabled
  • Drag and drop icon of the header item in Mobile Grid does not change correctly when grouping


  • The default chart labels ClientTemplate should not be serialized


  • Wrong horizontal margin of the last RadListBox button
  • RadListBoxItem checkbox cannot be checked when RadListBox is in RadWindow and it is scrolled down (IE11)
  • Unexpected ripple effect on client-side disabled RadListBoxItems


  • Clicking on a RadMenu item does not initiate a postback (MacOSX/Safari)
  • When having a Content Template, the focus state persists on the last clicked item
  • Inconsistent appearance of RadMenu root scroll buttons in Material skin


  • Nodes' text gets selected on collapsing/expanding Lightweight RadOrgChart level in Chrome


  • Improved appearance and states consistency (normal, hover and active) of RadPanelBar root items and toggle handlers
  • Unable to go to the next item with down/right arrow from an ItemTemplate, if space is pressed on the item
  • PanelBar item is not expanded on first click and jumps to the top of the scroll when it is inside of a scrollable container
  • PanelBarItems are not scrolled into view when they are inside a scrollable container
  • Unexpected rpFocused class applied to Lightweight RadPanelBarItem when toggled through its toggle arrow
  • Inconsistent Lightweight RadPanelBarItem hovered state
  • Unable to add white space in RadPanelBar input nested inside ItemTemplate


  • Persistence framework throws an exception in a scenario with user controls when the manager is placed at the top


  • PivotGrid filter window is with wrong position in Field List
  • Incomplete text in the column header of RadPivotGrid when exporting to Excel
  • SetFilterIncludes method set the values only in Filter Window of RadPivotGrid and does not update the control when Caching is Enabled


  • Incorrect Lightweight RadProgressArea Cancel button position in RTL


  • RadRibbonBar &nbsp character entity displayed as tooltip for RibbonBarMenuItem with no Text or ToolTip set
  • Lightweight RibbonBarMenuItem ToolTip not showing if the item's ToolTip property is set
  • Lightweight RibbonBar ApplicationMenuItem arrows are not highlighted on hover in Office2010Blue skin


  • Classic RadScheduler wrapped in asp:Update panel or RadAjaxPanel is jumping on the page after the advanced form is used in IE and Chrome
  • Material skin: Missing lines between the Prev/Next/Today buttons
  • Not visible RadScheduler appointment resize handles in Silk, MetroTouch, Metro, Bootstrap, Office2007, Office2010Blue, Office2010Silver, Telerik, Windows7 skins
  • Displaced Recurrence/RecurrenceException icon
  • Broken RadScheduler recurring icons in web service binding
  • Inconsistent Lightweight RadScheduler appointment arrows in web service binding
  • Missing rsHovered class on hovering Lightweight RadScheduler inline form buttons
  • ReadOnly RadScheduler in MonthView - a right clicked timeslot gets selected timeslot color, if another timeslot is left clicked after that
  • EnableEmbeddedSkins=false does not disable Reminder dialog child controls styles


  • Add and improve SearchBox classes for hovered and focused states instead of using pseudo selectors
  • Disabled RadSearchBox SearchContext does not look disabled
  • Unexpected pointer cursor on hovering disabled RadSearchBox SearchContext in Material skin


  • Add KeyboardNavigationSettings to RadSlider


  • Inconsistent RadSpreadsheet Filter by value custom searchbox appearance in Material skin
  • Inconsistent RadSpreadsheet filter menu rssButtons div appearance in Material skin
  • Moving RadSpreadsheet toolbar dropdown items with Material skin, when clicked
  • Spreadsheet with Bootstrap framework - wrong buttons width
  • Missing rssHovered class on hovering Filter menu buttons in RadSpreadsheet
  • Localization is not applied to the MessageDialogUseKeyboardTitle and the Data Validation Dialog title


  • An image set on a RadTabStrip tab on the client cannot be removed by calling the tab's set_imageUrl() method


  • Inconsistent padding between the first and second button of RTL Lightweight RadToolBar
  • Missing rtbDisabled class of RadToolBarSplitButton in a disabled RadToolBar
  • Expanding the RadToolBar responsive dropdown with pressing Space key scrolls the page


  • RadTreeNode's ExpandedImageUrl gets replaced by ImageUrl on hover when Expanded=true


  • Close the predefined RadAlert, RadConfirm and RadPrompt popups with the Escape key
  • The getWindowBounds() method does not return proper values for a maximized RadWindow
  • get_left() and get_top() return the current location of RadWindow with RenderMode=Ligthweight instead of the Left and Top server properties
  • Enter key in LWR RadPrompt dialog of WindowManager does not close the dialog


  • No rwzFocused class for RadWizard buttons when focused

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