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Release History

UI for ASP.NET AJAX R1 2023 SP1 (version 2023.1.314)

March 14, 2023


Breaking Changes


  • SingleLineEntries property to display entries in a single line


  • Bug when Button is in ItemTemplate of RadToolBar and the ToolBar is disabled/enabled by code


  • The Prev and FastPrev images are incorrectly positioned in the center of the titlebar


  • ComboBox does not gray out after disabling it with set_enabled(false)


  • RadEditor does not load its content area in Chrome for iOS
  • XHTML Validator not working - document cannot be checked


  • TreeView context menu remains visible when a permission alert is shown


  • Introduced handling for import of documents with invalid offsets of the objects inside the cross-reference table.
  • Introduced handling for import of documents with invalid offsets of the objects inside the cross-reference stream.
  • Introduced a setting that allows exporting images with or without compression.
  • Introduced handling mechanism for import of documents containing indirect objects with no endobj keyword.
  • Introduced the ability to print secured documents.
  • A CryptographicException is thrown when saving with PdfStreamWriter or importing with PdfFormatProvider.
  • Signing documents with a signature field produces documents that lead to errors in Adobe Acrobat.
  • A specific scanned file is not displayed with the new model.
  • Some Image XObjects are imported but not displayed in PdfViewer.
  • Images inside Form XObject are not positioned correctly.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when parsing Type1 font without Private Dict.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document containing Byte order marks (BOM) at the beginning of the file.
  • Endless loop when importing a document containing an EI keyword within the image stream.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document containing an Indirect Reference keyword (R) within an image data.
  • Wrong matrix calculations lead to incorrect image (Form XObject) size.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing Interactive Forms which leads to non-editable fields.
  • An ArgumentException is thrown when the font box contains negative width or height.
  • Field values are lost on import-export using the PdfFormatProvider.
  • Wrong matrix calculations lead to incorrect image (Form XObject) during export.
  • The image stream embedded in a content stream is not compressed while exporting.
  • A large image is rendered slowly, and the memory consumption is huge.
  • А NotSupportedException is thrown when the imported document contains font with embedded CMap table with format 0.
  • Not correct cross-reference table processed when importing documents with more than one table without Prev table specified.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when reading a page with specific image data.
  • Images are decompressed during import/export which result in significantly larger files.
  • The import freezes due to a lot of checks in the HandleInvalidClippingPathOperatorPosition method.


  • An InvalidCastException is thrown on import when a drawing in a document contains the ext tag.
  • A NullReferenceException when the document contains paragraph elements with no text.
  • Conditional formatting with formula rule is evaluated incorrectly.
  • COUNTIF function throws exception if the criteria is for finding non-blank cells.


  • Provide API that allows retrieving of the cached formula value.
  • Rows import stops after reading a formula cell.


  • An ArgumentException when importing a document and the culture is set to sv-SE.
  • Exception when parsing various values with the FractionalValueConverter.
  • An InvalidOperationException (Sequence contains no elements) when updating the TOC field in a document.
  • Importing a TOC field with /t switch causes an IndexOutOfRangeException.
  • Table Of Contents (TOC) is populated with additional elements.

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